Why is the food wrapped in another meal so tasty? Maybe it’s because you can put so much taste into a mouthful. Or maybe it’s because wraps are so easy to pick and eat. Or because of the infinite taste possibilities. Whatever the reason, you have to learn how to make delicious wraps yourself!
These 18 diverse and delicious wrap recipes will surely meet all your wrap needs, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just as a snack.

Make wraps yourself – 1. Vegetarian salad wraps

If you want your homemade PF Chang’s Knock-off Wraps to become vegetarian, you’ll love this recipe. In addition, it is carbohydrate-free!

Make your own wraps – 2. Spicy fish packaging

These beautiful wraps have a fabulous Sriracha mayonnaise that will surely change your life.

Make wraps yourself – 3. Malibu melted wraps

Everything with breaded chicken tastes good and these Malibu melted wraps are no exception, especially combined with avocado and honey mustard.

Make wraps yourself – 4. Vegetarian wraps

Are you looking for a really good vegetarian wrap for lunch? Do not look any further. These wraps are filled with the delicious flavors of provolone cheese and roasted red pepper hummus. You’re sure to provoke the envy of the entire office with your lunch.

Make your own wraps – 5. Roast beef wrap

If you’re looking for a wrap with a bit more meat on the bones, this beef roast wrap with dill and white cabbage salad is just what you need.

Make wraps yourself – 6. Chicken Caesar Wraps

So easy and easy to prepare, and still so good!

Make Wraps Yourself – 7. Spiced Shawarma Chicken Wraps

This wrap is perfect for you if you like to eat extravagantly and make for a really filling dinner.

Make your own wraps – 8. BLT wraps

Turning a BLT into a wrap is probably the only thing you can do to make the BLT taste even better.

Make wraps yourself – 9. turkey, apple and brie wrap

Another simple wrap with only a few ingredients, but those that have wonderful texture and taste.

Make your own wraps – 10. chicken salad wraps

This recipe is perfect for you if you need a fix Chinese mall but would rather stay home and watch a series scandal with a glass of wine.

Make wraps yourself – 11. Thai sweet potato salad wraps

The Thai flavors in these salad wraps are a surprising and striking twist, you will love the sweet potatoes.

Make wraps yourself – 12th Swiss chard wraps

Another great vegetarian salad wrap option would be this recipe. It uses raw walnut taco “meat”, which is both healthy and delicious, and beautiful Swiss chard.

13. Lamb salad wraps with red pepper hummus sauce

This salad wrap has a Greek taste.

14. Carnitas salad wraps

These would just taste great with the carnitas, but tossed in some cherry peach salsa – the purest perfection!
15. Fried zucchini and onion frittata wrap
Your frittata wants to be in a wrap. Trust me!
16. Chorizo ​​and breakfast egg wrap
This breakfast wrap will give you a nice kick if you need to get started in the morning.


• 3 eggs, beaten
• 1/4 pound of chorizo
• 2 Tbls Jalapeno Sandwich Spread
• 2 tbls of roasted peppers
• 1/4 cup cheddar
• 2 whole wheat tortillas


1. In a pan, the chorizo ​​cut in small pieces is fried. After that, please, take out of the pan.
2. In the same pan, cook the scrambled eggs over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper as desired. During the last minute of cooking, add the chorizo ​​cubes and stir well.
3. Wrap the tortillas in a damp paper towel and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds.
4. For the serving put a tortilla on a plate. Distribute 1 tbls of jalapeno sandwich, then add 1/2 of the egg and the chorizo ​​mixture. Sprinkle with 1 tbls of paprika and 1/2 of the cheese. That will be folded. If necessary, you can fix everything with a toothpick.

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