Although we do not often buy originals from collectors, we would like to hang pictures, photos or children’s drawings on the wall at home. But do we know how to properly hang pictures for creative wall design? Yes, also painting hanging has its own rules!
When we hang paintings we usually make two mistakes – they are placed too high and there is insufficient space next to them so they stand out.

Creative wall design with a happy picture

Here we go
Most pictures in our homes are hanging too high. Finding the right place is easy – a picture or a photo should hang at a height that is directly opposite the eyes. If they hang over the table, they have to hang much lower than those in the hall.

Warmth and tenderness on the wall

Two of them are more than one
But rarely do we only have one picture at home. If you hang a second or third picture on the wall, it is necessary to have some specific rules. So, when we adjust images, regardless of their size, stick to the centerline.
Do not hang pictures against direct sunlight! If they are not oriented to the north, the sun threatens to spoil these pictures!

Keep in mind that your paintings do not hang in the dark sunlight

Each picture requires its own frame
Another big mistake is to hang all pictures or photos with the same frame! This is possible if you have two or three photos of one author. But once you have a picture on the wall of a picture of the children next to a papyrus from egypt papyrus, for example, each character’s own character must be respected.

It works without a noticeable frame

If you do not know exactly what you wanted, but suspect that your home needs decoration, you can follow the latest trends. Yes, the world of paintings and frames is also governed by the fashion trends and you can leave the vogue zeitgeschmack at home.
Enjoy now a pair of superbly hung pictures and photos:

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