Every interior is different and it takes pictures for the living room to maximize its impact. Images can emphasize the uniqueness of the interior and promote an atmosphere of space and individuality of the occupants of the apartment.

Great pictures for the living room can bring a happy atmosphere

Think about whether a painting and your interior should go together and if the painting should be a part of your life. Then you just need the right place to hang the picture. A large painting (canvas, poster, photos, …) can be a real milestone in the room and therefore deserves sufficient space on the main wall.

A big picture on the main wall

You can position it over the sofa, a fireplace or a bed or hang it on an empty wall. The ideal location is in the middle of the room. Make sure that no part of the picture remains hidden behind furniture, decorations or flowers and that there is enough space not only on the wall, but also in front of it.

The large images require a look from a distance, so it can be placed a little higher than the generally recommended height of one third above eye level. You can easily test the optimal height of the image position with the help of a second person. The ideal is to rely on indirect natural lighting, however, most social events take place in the evening – so it pays to invest in quality lighting with artificial light and to give the opportunity to your guests the picture after dark or in areas of low light.
The picture frames can be thin and sturdy, but the size of the picture depends on its style and interior.

The perfect picture for an orange wall

The large abstract paintings look excellent even without an outer frame. Such pictures do not even have to hang on the wall – a large picture can casually impress, even leaving it lying on the floor. Do not be seduced to complement the interior with other pictures – the big picture looks excellent alone. And serves as the center of attention of the room.
Now you can enjoy a few suggestions and choose the right variant for you:

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