Ghee is the clarified butter of Ayurveda and here you will learn how to make ghee yourself. ein fester Bestandteil in vielen asiatischen K├╝chen gewesen. Clarified butter has been an integral part of many Asian cuisines for centuries . Ghee is the best of two worlds. It has the benefits of butter without casein and proteins.
What is Ghee?

Ghee for body and mind

So sees the difference between ghee and clarified butter

In technical terms, ghee is a clarified, unsalted butter without milk proteins. It has a high smoke point, so Ghee is perfect for cooking, and gives an incredible taste. There are people who can not tolerate milk, but ghee does not contain protein or lactose and is therefore suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Ghee make yourself

Ghee is considered “liquid gold” and has been revered in Indian culture for centuries. The butter is a great source of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin K and is good for teeth, hair, skin and nails. Ghee has an intense taste and contains more nutrients.This butter is highly heatable and can be easily used in frying. If you heat butter, then the protein burns and the water splashes. This does not pacify Ghee, because Ghee contains both water and egg white. Unlike butter, ghee has a longer shelf life and can be stored for weeks.

The golden elixir

Ghee is expensive to buy but is easy to make. If you have never done that, look how you can make Ghee yourself?
We need two pieces of sour-cream butter or regular butter of 250 g each.

  • soft butter (2 pieces, 250g each)
  • a saucepan
  • a skimmer
  • a fine sieve
  • Container for the finished ghee
  • approx. 25 minutes time (The preparation time is 10 minutes, cooking time = 15 minutes

Make ghee yourself:

In a pot, we slowly heat the butter. At medium heat we melt the butter. The slower the butter is melted the better the result.

Once it has melted, we reduce the energy intake and continue to cook with minimal heat. With 2 pieces of butter it takes about 20 to 25 minutes. For larger quantities, the time increases accordingly.

During heating, the protein molecules separate and the butterfat of the ice-white settles partly on the ground and partly as foam on the surface. The foam is occasionally removed with a spoon. When we have removed the foam from the surface, it can be seen that the butterfat is slowly becoming clearer.

Melt ghee

The butter must be golden yellow and be clear and only then it is about a fine sieve (or K├╝chenpappier) in a container transferred. The clarified butter will slowly cool in the vessel and become a solid yellow mass. Ghee can stay at room temperature for up to a month. Keep in the refrigerator for several months, but must be kept in a sealed container.

Ghee is very tasty and very healthy. For thousands of years Ghee has been used in Pakistan and India. The clarified butter has a very high shelf life and can therefore be produced in larger quantities. . Ghee contains omega 3, omega 9, vitamins A, D, E, K and 9 phenolic antioxidants . 20 g of ghee a day will provide over 20% of the daily requirement for vitamin A.

Center of health

Other benefits of Ghee

  • has a positive effect on memory
  • strengthens the immune system
  • for the purification of the blood
  • Foot massage with ghee promotes a peaceful sleep
  • to harmonize the hormone balance
  • to harmonize the metabolism
  • In India is used in detoxification therapy (Panchakarma cure). It is drunk warm for three days. This therapy is applicable only under Afsicht.
  • as an eye ointment for reddened eyes
  • The toxins that we ingest with food are also bound and excreted by ghee
  • helps with liver and bile diseases
  • keeps the joints supple
  • improves brain function
  • in herpes – A teaspoon of ghee is mixed with half a teaspoon of turmeric
  • Cholesterol levels can be dropped
  • has a positive effect on arteriosclerosis
  • with constipation
  • It nourishes the body tissues

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