Are you really big movie fans? Can you imagine your evening without a good movie? Then you are sure to dream of having your own stressless home theater at home! Does that sound like a dream? Take a look here for how to build home theater! And all for only 5 EUR!

Build your own stressless home cinema for 5 EUR – is that possible?

That’s how it works! VIDEO instructions:

Beamer to build canvas himself

Many home cinema fans are afraid to buy a projector screen before buying, as it is extremely expensive in most cases. But we have discovered the easiest video tutorial for you, how to build a frame screen yourself! All you need are wooden slats, wooden writing, a few angles and canvas cloth (200x150cm at best). If you want to create a truly luxurious atmosphere, paint the canvas in white. A tip from us: If you can not find a suitable canvas fabric in the trade, just take a reasonably priced fabric curtain. The video always speaks better than text, so have a look at the manual. Have fun building!

What exactly does stressless home theater mean?

Every room can be transformed into a fantastic home cinema hall! Enough space is a must, only if you are planning to invite many guests. With comfortable armchairs, large projector screen and projector everything is possible! You have already seen how you can build a frame canvas yourself and enjoy a movie in your own home cinema on a low budget. You can build a stressless home cinema in your living room, bedroom and why not in the garden itself. But what exactly means stressless? Place where you can really relax from the stress of everyday life with a good movie. But a qualitative screen and expensive speaker system is not enough. You need a relaxing atmosphere with the right lighting and really comfortable armchairs. Take a look at the most important components of home cinema!

5 important component of home cinema

Beamer You have already built the screen and projector yourself. But the story of how to make such a flashy home theater at home does not end here. You still need a few things to feel the magic of this feeling! Have we aroused your curiosity? Here you will find the important component of Home Cinema!

# 1 Qualitative speaker

# 2 Real screen or TV

# 3 Real cinema chairs for an excellent cinema atmosphere! Tip: Ask in the nearest cinema if they have to dispose of armchairs

Do not forget: the right darkening of the room is of great importance! Tip: wall covering made of fabric

Good room acoustics – wallpaper and carpet

If you have no place at home, bring the cinema in your own garden!

Let yourself be inspired by this luxury!

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