Small apartment, barely room, no sofa fits right and these sofas that you like, make your account cry. Or you dream of a huge garden with luxurious rattan garden furniture, but all you have is a small terrace. Do you know these stories? Do not worry! We have an idea for you that will make your living room, balcony or garden unique and cozy. Sofa made of europallets! And one more good news – you can easily build the sofa yourself. As? Follow our guide below.

The sofa made of europallets is only beautiful if it is decorated with love

The great thing about the sofa made of Euro pallets is that the construction is easy to make yourself and then everything depends on your own imagination. To make you feel comfortable on your sofa, put soft pillows. For your eyes, pick out pops of contrasting colors. You can also buy a mattress for your pallet sofa. We recommend a futon mattress, which can only be found for 90 €. She is very soft, comfortable and looks cuddly. With the right decoration, the sofa made of Euro pallets is a real eye-catcher! And it’s not just eye-catching, it’s practical. The pallets provide plenty of space for books, shoes or other small things. In our stunning picture gallery you will also find a creative idea with LED lighting.

DIY instructions


All you need are pallets and desire

Before you start, you must sand the pallet

Think about how big your sofa should be made of pallets to know how many pallets you need. For a very small sofa you will need 2 as backrests and 2 x 3 pallets as sofa seat and 2 pallets as armrests. Armrests are not compulsory at all. If you have not repurchased the pallets and there are some broken pallets, take them for the armrests or backrests. Because the pallets are too big for the armrests and they have to cut you down a bit. If you want to color the pallets, you must first sand them down.

The pallets can be embellished to your taste

When all the pallets are done, we can start!

Step 1

You can choose the seat according to your wishes and simply screw the pallets together. That’s the easiest part of the manual. With the backrests it is a bit more difficult, but you can do it with our help! The screws must be long enough to reach far enough into the blocks. Of course you do not have to see the tips. Put the screw on pallet and you’ll see if it fits or not.

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

In general, you can drill the boards together either on the front and rear blocks or on all six blocks. Take two narrow boards and attach them to the outside of the sides. That’s for the seat. For the backrests, insert the boards into the seat as shown in the picture and in the video. The backrests screw in from behind through the supports. Then comes the pre-drilling again. To make the backrests tighter, attach them to the bottom of the seat. The sofa is ready! For more cosiness, do you combine the pallet sofa with a table made of Euro pallets or why not a

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