There is a day
there you go side by side
towards the future
and a simple YES
beautifies the whole life
This is the most beautiful day in your life – the wedding has to be perfect and in your mind the bride presents a feast in which every detail is matched with the color theme, location, wedding dinner, feasts etc. A wedding is a heart issue – and a billion dollar business. In order for the dream of the wedding to come true, as in fairy tales, the bride and groom take many costs into account. Not always you need a lot of money, so that everything is beautiful. The secret – correct planning. With helpful tips and tricks, we’ll show you the details to keep in mind so that even a wedding low budget will make your dream wedding possible.

The first step to the way “low budget wedding” – determine the cost

The low budget wedding starts with the low budget wedding dress

Die Low Budget Hochzeit beginnt mit dem Low Budget Brautkleid
The planning of a wedding begins with the wedding dress. It determines the wedding theme, colors, etc., but it also devours a large part of the budget. If you want to marry cheap, there are tips and tricks even when buying the wedding dress. Look for the right dress in second-hand stores, ebay, or have the tailor-made model made by a seamstress. Another option is to borrow a wedding dress, and not only – do not buy bridal shoes that will only wear once at the wedding. For borrowing you will also find bridal jewelry, bags, etc.

You save the most when you reduce your score

Tipps für Low Budget Hochzeit Am meisten sparen Sie, wenn Sie Ihre Gäste reduzieren
Invite 200 guests to a wedding? We are sure that everyone has a big family, a lot of work colleagues, neighbors and friend friends. Half is of course cheaper. Our advice – remember which people are really important in your life because a fun and beautiful wedding means celebrating with the people you love, not just know. With the invitation to the wedding, you will show them how special they are to you and how you appreciate them. If you still want a big wedding, you should minimize the cost per guest, if you want to save. That would not be such a good alternative.

The dream wedding with your own hands – choose Do it yourself

Die Traumhochzeit mit eigenen Händen - Wählen Sie Do it yourself
Do as much yourself as possible! This applies to wedding invitations, decorations, party favors and all the little things about a wedding. There is nothing more beautiful than what is made of the heart for your own wedding! That makes the day even more personal and valuable.

Tipps für traumhafte Hochzeit organisieren mit Low Budget
When we start to feel the head and think with the heart, we know that the wedding is not just because of the fairy-tale wedding dress, the gorgeous decorations or the gifts … it’s not what people will say … the wedding is for the big love. It is for the man of your life, for him who waits for you, who will rejoice with you and cry … for the man who gives you strength and faith without asking. The wedding is for this man who will never allow himself to be alone, even if the other is divorced from life.

And when you look him in the eye at the altar and say YES, you understand what is really important in a wedding!

Tipps für traumhafte Hochzeit organisieren mit Low Budget

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