A front door canopy provides a high level of wind protection, both for the door and for those who use it. The canopy protects against crosswinds, rain and snow. Standing on the doorstep and searching for the keys, back from working in the rain or in a blizzard, is a rather unpleasant experience.
By building a front door canopy, you can protect your front door from the extreme weather, but also extend the life of your front door. So next to the door guard, they also enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Step by step procedure

Step 1 -Fixing the base

Bring the plywood panel to the outside of the front door where you need the roof. The board should be placed at least half a foot above the door panel. He should also extend 1 to 2 meters over the door sides. Check the height of the board to make sure it is flat, otherwise it may tilt the roof to one side.

Front door canopy Step 2 – A triangle frame

Add two more plywood beams from the two sides of the already solid plate so that you get an equilateral triangle frame. Fix the boards with galvanized frame nails and then cut the end of the boards so that they end up with non-overlapping triangles.

Step 3 – Roof frame

Make two more triangular frames and hold the ones ready for leveling. Cut three pieces off the board. Join these two triangular frames with the three long pieces of board you have.

Entrance Door Canopy Step 4 – Raise the roof frame

Check the height of the roof frame by placing it on the flat floor, then carefully lift it up and fix the entire unit to the wall with the triangular wooden frame. Keep the whole thing in place with temporary clips. Make holes that are 2 feet deep at the two corners of the roof frame. Fill at least half a foot of concrete mix, place the anchor bolt, and then fill the hole completely with the concrete mix. The screws should be aligned so that they are level with the wooden frame.

Step 5 – Attach the roof frame

Attach the roof frame to the anchor with the nails after checking their level. Add a few rafters to the sides of the frame and facial to the wooden frame.

Step 6 – Lay the roof

Take the roof plywood and place it on the roof frame. Make sure that the panel is at least 1 inch above the front and sides of the roof frame. If they are perfect, attach the roof to the frames. Now attach the drip edge and felt paper to the top of the roof panel. Add the roof shingle so that it matches the front door. Also check that the siding with the front end of the triangular frame is in a color that is the same or the color of the rest of the house. If you can not find a suitable siding, paint it after attaching it to the frame.

What you need

2 x 4 inch plywood
drip edge
Asphalt roof shingles
concrete mix
Felt paper
Galvanized roofing nails
Galvanized frame nails
anchor plate

A canopy with flat pitched roof in shingle cover and glass side walls

Nice and protective: A canopy for the front door

A front door as a beautification of the house facade and to protect your door and cellar door

Glass entrance door glass

Glass canopies front door canopy

A front door canopy often determines the first impression of a building

Entrance and front door canopy

A front door canopy so you do not stand in the rain!

The front door canopy of a house almost equals a business card of a building

Wooden canopy front door canopy

A front door canopy not only crowns your entrance but also protects you and your guests when it rains

Entrance door canopy made of solid wood

Cover your front door with a glass canopy

Nice and protective

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