Christmas is really around the corner. Christmas is celebrated not only at home but also at work. Nowadays, there is a tradition of sending greetings to employees in large companies. In the companies, Christmas parties are organized and all employees exchange gifts, have fun. These parties are all gathering together for a happy holiday and they are a popular method among the HR teams known today as “teambuilding”. If you are on the career ladder, then it would be good to send congratulations to your employees and partners for Christmas. It is not necessary to come up with a text yourself, but do not limit yourself to just writing a name and “Merry Christmas”. To write nice Christmas letters, read our article and find interesting and funny Christmas greetings that can decorate any Christmas card.

How to write Christmas spells short and funny?

Before you start writing, you should answer some important questions yourself. The first question you should come up with is this:

What message do I want to convey with my Christmas sayings? – It is important that if you communicate something to the addressee, you should pay attention to whether your Christmas declarations do not lead to misunderstandings. You have worked with these people for a long time, so you know your employees well. This knowledge would be helpful to find the right content.

Then you can think of the answer to the second question and so:

What kind of feeling do I want to convey to the employees? – The point is that your Christmas cards, in which you have written Christmas spells short and funny, conjure up a smile from the staff. If that’s your goal, write something powerful, but do not forget to emphasize the business relationship in context.

Now comes the last question that you have to answer:

Are you tired of writing the Christmas spells short and funny? – Not everyone can express themselves like Schiller and Goethe, so you do not have to be ashamed . You can find various poems and quotes on the Internet or from your favorite books. Schiller and Goethe are a perfect choice if you define yourself as a fan of classical music. But if you want to achieve a bit of modern expression, go for Erich Kästner.

Oscar Wilde:

Christmas sayings for the circle of friends at the workplace

At every work place there are different people because of the nature of the work. That’s why you can write them more personal than business Christmas. When you write greeting cards for your friends, let your imagination run wild and think of something original as a Christmas greeting. Either through a

If it matters that you want to send Christmas greetings to other employees and business associates, then it’s best to quote a famous author. A good idea is to write different Christmas sayings in the Christmas cards. A Christmas card is well received, if you sign it yourself, everyone feels comfortable.

Our Lieblign quotes from famous persons who are suited to this situation are:

“The difficulties grow the closer you get to the goal.”

Author: Goethe

“Christmas knows no boundaries. It connects cultures, genders, children and adults. Rich and poor.”

Author: Gurdun Kropp

“Christmas is not a time and a season, but an emotional state.”

Author: Calvin Coolidge

Do not wait any longer to write your Christmas spells short and funny. This personal

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