You have received a houseplant as a gift but unfortunately you do not know how to care for it? No worries, you are right here! The Lucky Bamboo, still known as “Lucky Bamboo” and “Dracaena sanderiana”, is not a true bamboo, but it is used as a decoration in interior design and more as a houseplant. This exotic plant brings a holiday breath in the apartment and has a calming effect. But as your lucky bamboo gives you a lot of fun, follow these tips!

What do we need to know to make our lucky bamboo feel happy at home?

Maintaining a lucky bamboo is actually very easy. If you have not bought your plant yet, you should first consider the color. The healthy lucky bamboo has a bright green color! When you have taken the first step and bought your houseplant, planting comes. You can decide between water and earth. If the bamboo grows in the water then you need pebbles. They also look wonderful in the interior design and have a Mediterranean look!

In order for your bamboo to grow well, it needs the right location

As we have already said, the lucky bamboo needs little care, the location and the room climate are very important. It is a tropical plant, so choose a bright and sunny spot. A temperature between 20 and 22 degrees is fine. Your bamboo will be particularly happy in high humidity!

The casting

Your bamboo does not need that much water. to water   Your plant about once a week. But it’s not the same with nutrition! And as with humans, only a well-nourished plant is happy! Every two weeks you should care for your bamboo with a suitable fertilizer. A fertilizer for hydroponics is perfect!

To cut

“Lucky Bamboo: is a houseplant and must look wonderful and well-groomed. That’s why cutting is sometimes necessary. The thin side shoots can be removed, but very carefully. Dead or yellow leaves should also be removed. Otherwise, the bamboo is only blended when it is sick.

Did you convince yourself of the low maintenance effort? Wait to see this stunning picture gallery!

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