Nowadays a cocktail dress in the woman’s wardrobe is indispensable. Cocktail dresses were designed in 1920 in France, 1950 saw the breakthrough and they conquered the world. Cocktail dresses are perfect for many different occasions. You can wear them both during the day and in the evening. We would now like to tell you which cocktail dresses in Spring 2019 are totally in vogue.

When can you even wear a cocktail dress?

Wann kann man ein Cocktailkleid überhaupt tragen? Cocktail dresses are either knee length, calf length or short. Even on solemn occasions, a short cocktail dress can be worn. Especially when it comes to the dress code “cocktail”, a cocktail dress is the perfect choice. As in the previous year, pastel colors such as coral, pearl pink and pink are also very popular in 2019. But patterned models are also welcome at an event this year. entscheiden. If you have been invited in spring for a more festive occasion, you can also opt for a short cocktail dress . For a festive event colors such as white, black, dark blue and red match very well. With these colors, you can not go wrong in spring. In addition, you can grab at a festive event synonymous to a slightly more conspicuous jewelry. Thus, you make the dress even more radiant. Many wedding parties are also held in spring. If you are invited, then you should grab a cocktail dress with subtle colors. It is important at a wedding that the outfits are uniform. Another big plus for short cocktail dresses is that you can wear both flat and high-heeled shoes perfectly. Another advantage is that it is much easier to dance with shorter dresses.

The trend of cocktail dresses

Der Trend der Cocktailkleider
Next season, strapless dresses will be the new cleavage! But not only off-the-shoulder dresses are totally hip, but also off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses are in line with the coming spring. The focus is mainly on shoulder and neck. Thus, even small problem zones are distracted perfectly. With a combination of sexy and elegant, you can be sure that you will be at the center of every event. But also dresses in the classic empire form are in spring 2019 in the trend. Dresses with this cut will flatter your figure, creating a feminine figure. In addition to spring, the timeless classics are also very suitable for summer and autumn.

Trendy colors for spring 2019

Trendige Farben für den Frühling 2019
In the warm season, especially cocktail dresses in bright colors are very popular. Dresses in daffodil, orange, coral, sky blue or purple are colors that will help you to freshen up the spring. No matter which color you are looking for, the color palette at JJ’s House is so versatile that you too will surely find your favorite color. perfekt eignen, eignen sind zum Beispiel Kleegrün, Salbei und Tahiti. Other colors that are perfect for short cocktail dresses are, for example, clover, sage and Tahiti. For a solemn event in the evening, in turn, colors like silver, dark green and storm would be very well suited.

Choose the matching accessories

Die passenden Accessoires für das Coctailkleid wählen
In addition to the perfect cocktail dress of course, the matching accessories play a very important role. Especially in spring, simple and simple accessories are an advantage. In addition, the shoes and the bag play a very crucial role. When buying, make sure that the shoes and bag are color coordinated with the dress. It is also an advantage if shoes and bag have the same colors. Again, you should prefer a simpler and simpler version. For example, clutches that are easy to hold in your hand are very well suited. You can also find the right accessories for your cocktail dress at JJ’s House.
Die passenden Accessoires für das Coctailkleid wählen

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