Winter knocks on the door. It would be better to prepare for the arrival of winter with a warm scarf. Currently, the scarf is not only a necessity, but a modern accessory at the same time. It is a stylish addition to winter outfits for everyday wear, a day at the office or a party. Why should you stroll through the shops in this cold time to buy the perfect scarf. You can also knit it yourself. The knitting of a classic scarf fits especially to every beginner. Whether you are a beginner or a professional knitter, this

Before you can start knitting, should you think a bit about what you want to knit, what equipment you need, where to buy the necessary materials? It would be good if we start with the first question.

Step 1: We learn how to strike stitches.

If you are a total beginner, you should watch this short video. In the video is quite well explained how the stitches are struck. Do not be nervous! You need some exercises to pick up the stitches yourself and you can start with the scarf. To knit the scarf like the patent pattern, you need 15 stitches. This is how your scarf looks cuddly.

Step 2: We learn to knit rows in patent.

After a little practice, you are ready to knit the base row. An important element is the first and last stitch. Be sure to lift the first stitch and knit the fifteenth – right when knitting.

Step 3: We learn to knit left and right stitches.

When the basic series is finished, you need knowledge of knitting the right and left stitches. You can gather this knowledge by watching the short video. Then you can continue to knit the scarf.

Step 4:

When the first row is knitted, knit the second, third etc. row. The steps are similar. Just remember the rule of the envelope: first knit to the right, then take off the stitches along with the wool thread to the left.

Step 5: We learn to chain the stitches.

When the desired length of your scarf is reached, bind off the stitches. Here comes the question: How do you chain a stitch? First, knit two stitches to the right. You are now lying on your right needle. With the help of the left needle, the first stitch is inserted. Similarly, the next two stitches are knitted. After you knit a right stitch, there are two new stitches on the needle. So take these steps again. When all stitches are chained off, you can cut off the thread. The cut thread end is pulled through the last stitch and knotted.

That was our knitting instruction for beginners. This guide is perfect if you want to knit a loop scarf or an XXL scarf. You can find many knitting patterns online for free and consider knitting as a hobby.

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