A bad apartment with unfavorable location, broken furniture, dirty bathroom and noisy neighbors can spoil your holiday pretty much. That’s why in this post we’ll give you some useful tips to help you avoid booking disappointment. Here you will find out what important criteria each holiday home should correspond to and how you can find your dream holiday home quickly and easily. Enjoy reading!

Find the dream apartment – an (in) possible task?

If the house does not meet the expectations, you are often annoyed about yourself. Because you have visited different Internet portals for nights, compared prices, locations, offers and ratings in order to finally make a wrong decision. However, the information on the Internet often has nothing to do with reality, so today it is a real challenge to find the dream apartment. The task becomes even more difficult if you do not travel alone – then you have responsibility for your family or friends. But it’s not impossible to make a good choice – just be critical enough, have a thorough look at the potential opportunities, and stick to some golden rules that you’ll find below in the post. We hope that our tips will help you and wish you an unforgettable holiday!

Find the dream apartment: What do you have to pay attention to?

Before you start searching, consider what kind of location you want for your dream vacation home. Should she be close to the beach / ski lift or in the city center? Is the beautiful view, a pool or a large garden important to you? Is there a parking lot, supermarket or nice restaurants nearby? Write down everything that comes to your mind and start looking for offers that meet your criteria. Whether the information about the geographic location on the Internet is true, you could quickly and easily check with Google Earth.

Book a holiday 2017 – helpful tips

When choosing an apartment, the opinions of the previous tenants are important, so you should read the reviews on the Internet. But they are also not always trustworthy – some experts can award five stars, for example because you are friends with the landlord, others write scathing, critical reviews in revenge for the high (in your opinion) prices, or just because you currently in are in a bad mood. In this case, you should not believe everything, but simply see if the positive or negative reviews outweigh in order to form an opinion.

Which criteria should the interior correspond to?

The next important step is to find information about the facility. The interior should not only be comfortable, practical and aesthetic, but also exude a bit of exoticism. Because the goal of the holiday is to forget everyday life for a while. The designer furniture is not always something positive – they often end up in a holiday home just because they are too uncomfortable. Also, be careful when reading the phrase “lovingly decorated” in the brochure description – where many knickknacks and pillows are left behind, the most important thing is often missing. Make sure there is enough comfortable seating in the living room, and the bathroom is modern. The beds should be comfortable – better avoid them made of blacksmith steel, and in the kitchen you do not have to miss any important utensils and appliances – such as oven, fridge, pots, pans, cutlery, etc.

What is important in the external area?

When it comes to the outside area, you should pay a little attention to the terrace. Is she big or small? Are there only chairs? Or also beach chairs and summer umbrellas? A well-kept garden with comfortable seating also speaks for hospitality and good conditions.

Rent a holiday apartment – the neighbors are also important

And last but not least, ask the landlord about the neighbors. Are you nice? Do you have children? The hostile looks that make you feel like an intruder are not pretty, but the same is when there is too much enthusiasm from the neighbors. We hope that our tips would help you make the best decision! For cheap deals visit: www.traum-ferienwohnungen.de

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