A cake stand is a real eye-catcher when standing on a beautifully festive table. Especially at Christmas, when the whole family celebrates together, friends and relatives come to visit and enjoy the festive mood. A great

When the weather is bad you can stay home comfortably and create something beautiful. You should just look what has remained on old dishes and choose 3 matching, different sized plates and matching tools. Etagere pole can be bought on the Internet in various models and colors.

You need:

  • 3 different sized plates
  • 1 tier rack rod
  • Drilling machine and rod-fitting drill bits for ceramics
  • ruler
  • tape
  • Permanent marker or felt pen

And let’s go … ..

After picking the three plates and being sure that they fit together well, they can be drilled. For this you should measure the plate exactly and draw the middle on the crossed adhesive strip. A cross of adhesive tape distributes tension during drilling and protects against cracks. It is also better to place under the plate a double or multiple folded cloth, which ensures distribution of vibration during drilling. Before drilling, the drill should be set to the slowest level. First drill slightly diagonally and then hold straight without great pressure and continue to drill. Here, a lot of patience is claimed but then come pleasing good results.

If there are small splinters around the hole, this is no reason to panic as they are hidden by the tiered pole. The adhesive tape remnants can be removed and the storage rack screwed together. The result is outstanding and there is the unique and

Here are some cool examples of porcelain etagere – a really great decoration on a tea or coffee table.

Etagere build themselves from plastic bottles – an eye-catcher on girls birthday

Cardboard storage rack templates for DIY

Records -Deko Etagere

Cork Etagère

For this tiered stand you just need a round cork hotpot base and a few cork coasters. In addition, a candle holder made of wood, glue and spray in gold or white.

The highlight at the party – DIY cake stand

For this DIY-Etagere you need 3 pieces of plastic pipe – about 12 cm long, 4 different squares of wood or furniture boards, glue, double-sided tape, and dotted decoration loop. Build all parts together, then glue one after the other until the shelf is in a raw state. Then stick the squares sideways with the double-sided adhesive tape and glue the decoration loop to it. Everyone can decorate their own taste and the Cupcake-Etagere, which will be a highlight at the party, is finished.

Etagere with animal motifs

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