In the winter days we all want only two things – warmth and relaxation! You can find all this in a bio sauna! But you will not only find these in luxurious and expensive hotels! You can also have one at home! Scroll down and find out why you need bio sauna in your home!

What is a biosauna?

The biosauna is the light version of the classic Finnish sauna. It offers the operator a lower temperature and high humidity. That’s exactly why the term “organic” comes from. The construction is almost similar, but robust wood is used. Due to the low temperatures, you can stay in this sauna for up to 30 minutes and repeat two to three times. The reason is not only these 50 degrees, but the humidity up to 55%.

Why exactly bio sauna at home?

A sauna is set up at home so that you will often use it. Compared to other sweat devices, the bio sauna offers a temperature of 45 to 65 degrees. So it is soothing and relaxing. Not everyone can reach temperatures of 80 – 100 degrees and not every day. This means you need to spend more time in this sauna until you start to sweat properly. But this is an advantage if you own bio sauna at home – more time relaxation 🙂 It is also a good alternative for people with circulatory problems and is also good for the elderly and children. For sauna beginners is just perfect! Relaxation is guaranteed!

Guaranteed well-being with the help of fragrance and light

Bio-sauna can bring paradise to your home by combining it with fragrance and light. The manufacturers offer options, such as essential oils or lighting, which has a relaxing effect. Just imagine: warmth in cold days, chill-music, pleasant scents and red light – fantastic! It can not be just a dream! Get ideas from our fascinating picture gallery and see for yourself how beautiful this sauna looks!

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