“Decoration is tact,” said the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Decoration is what gives our home a personal touch, and we need home decoration for our blessing at home. When it comes to decorating and decorating, then you should find your own tact and style. Of course you also need some tips and inspiration. We will reveal the secret of proper decoration here. Immerse yourself in our colorful world, full of sophisticated decoration ideas and transform your apartment into a wellness oasis!

With the matching living decoration your apartment becomes a real space saver!

Of course, you can not simply make a small room bigger. But you can make it look bigger. The secret is in small home accessories – the living decoration. You should find the hidden space in your home, no matter how much or little, and use it to realize your great ideas. The possibilities are limitless, even if the rooms are relatively small. We show you the way to great impact and exciting spatial concept. Let yourself be inspired!

1. Less is more!

With the decoration we send signals for our individuality – we show that we are creative and that we have imagination. If you decorate and furnish your home, you should let this fantasy run free, but also observe some rules. Also in the decoration applies: “less is more”. In the absence of small decorations, our apartment remains anonymous. Without a child, there would be no big ones. And the small living decoration does not have to be distributed indiscriminately in the room. It should be attuned to the furnishing style, colors and materials. Of course, they do not have to do a big city stroll to look for the right decoration. So that you do not lose the overall picture of your facility from the eye, we recommend you to order from home at online shops your decorative items. On miavilla.de you will find a wide assortment of home decor, as well as great decorating ideas, as you sort the home accessories by topic.

2. White is hot

If you choose the theme of your decoration, you have the opportunity to decorate your room in a uniform style or to combine different styles. But you should choose the color scheme carefully. You create a sense of space and optical magnification with bright colors. We recommend white because it makes the boundaries between walls and ceilings disappear, and so the room seems wider and higher. If you have chosen the white color for your home, then do not concentrate on bold colors for decoration. The color shading is perfect for the small rooms. The wooden decoration fits perfectly with white color, as well as home accessories in light pastel tones are light and airy. Ideal for small apartment is the Scandinavian style of furnishing .

3. With home decor you create optical depth

A shelf full of books, picture frames and home accessories in a small room – how does it sound? Like a crowded mess? But. This is an optical trick to create depth in the room. The deco items are not chaotically placed in the room, but they have a special place – a place that shows your individualism. You can create the same effect with a wall full of pictures and photos in colorful

5. The mirror doubles the room size, gives light and color to the apartment

We hope that our tips will help you turn your home into a home from home! Do not forget that the smaller rooms look much more comfortable than the larger ones. Ultimately, the room size does not matter – if there is not so much space anyway, it is not worth it to save even more. Decorate your apartment with the home accessories that are at your heart and enjoy their beauty not only from magazines, but in your own home!

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