Egypt is once again enjoying great interest last year and it is undoubtedly that the land of the Pharaohs is making a terrific comeback in tourism. The visitors have doubled, but the good news is that it is not yet crowded with tourists. In winter or spring, it is the perfect time for a Holidays in Egypt: the land of the pyramids and pharaohs
Urlaub in Ägypten: Blick über den Pyramiden
The Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and the Mortuary Temples of the Pharaohs are the number one tourist destinations for anyone traveling to Egypt. These sights are a dream for travelers: the ancient history and mystical, enigmatic testimonies can fascinate any tourist. In the Valley of the Kings, 64 graves and precious treasures have been found and the valley serves as a large necropolis for the Egyptian rulers. On the western outskirts of Cairo are the oldest buildings of human history: the pyramids and these are the last existing world wonder of antiquity. If you are on holiday in Egypt, you should also visit the temples of Abu Simbel on the banks of the Nile.
Urlaub in Ägypten: Uralte Sehenswürdigkeiten
Urlaub in Ägypten: Pharaonen Tempel

Urlaub in Ägypten: Tempel des Pharao Ramses

Dreamlike beaches and ocean in Egypt

Urlaub in Ägypten und erkunden Sie einen des wunderschönsten Meeresbodens in Welt
Besides history and ancient sites, Egypt also offers beautiful beaches. One of the most popular destination is Hurghada on the Red Sea, which is visited by many divers every year because of the fairytale ocean. A Nile cruise and a city tour in Cairo is also very popular with tourists. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is often called “the city of a thousand minarets”. The world famous Blue Mosque is located in Cairo and not far away is the Citadel – one of the oldest buildings in the world. If you want to enjoy picturesque places, you could also take a walk in the El Tahrir garden. For a view over the whole of Cairo, we recommend the Cairo Tower, where you can also enjoy dinner and beautiful views.

Urlaub in Ägypten: Hinweise für Ihre Reise
Urlaub in Ägypten: Segeln in Rotes Meer
Urlaub in Ägypten: Sonnenuntergang in Kairo
Urlaub in Ägypten: Blick über Kairo
Urlaub in Ägypten: Antike Stadt
Urlaub in Ägypten: Nefetari Tempel
Urlaub in Ägypten: Sehenswürdigkeiten in Luxor
Urlaub in Ägypten: Die Moschee in Kairo
Urlaub in Ägypten: Segeln in Nil
Urlaub in Ägypten: Romantische Strände
Urlaub in Ägypten: Kairo von oben
Urlaub in Ägypten: Märchenhafte Strände
Urlaub in Ägypten: Kairo Moschee
Ägypten Urlaub 2019: Tauchparadies
Ägypten Urlaub 2019: Pharaonen Gruft

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