With the beach chair Sylt in the garden or on the terrace you can enjoy a holiday atmosphere. You can easily position the beach chair Sylt in the direction of the sun with the help of the heavy duty carrying handles. Or sit on the chair in the garden and let the warm sun shine on your face.

If you want to relax after a long day or read a good book on the weekend or enjoy a refreshment on the terrace, the Ultranatura beach chair Sylt is ideal for you. It offers the best sitting comfort and a little more – enough space for two people. You can also sit, sheltered from the wind, and enjoy your garden to the full, even on windy days.

Adjustable up to 90 degrees

If you like to spend your time in the garden, whether at the back or in front, you must have suitable outdoor furniture, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery when the weather permits.
You have many options. There are camping chairs, balcony folding chairs, rocking chairs, and butterfly chairs. Then there are the beach chairs.
Although primarily the beach chairs are designed for use on the beach, they are also wonderful garden furniture. In addition, they are perfect if you have a pool. They will make you feel as if you are on a beach or in a resort. There are many types of beach chairs that will suit your personal preferences. Here are some of them.
Beach Chaises – If the name sounds unfamiliar, a beach chaise lounge is a lounge chair. To get a visual idea of ​​what it looks like, think about the pool chairs that you see in the hotel pools and beach resorts. These chairs are perfect for sunbathing and resting. You can rest your legs after a long day at work.

If you want to enjoy a touch of holiday flair at home

Folding Chair – There are many models of a folding low chair, including a web folding chair, a slung folding beach chair, a sand trap chair, and a backpack beach chair. Regardless of the model, all folding chairs have two things in common. The first is that they are made of sturdy yet lightweight materials. Next, they are all easy to carry. They are designed so that the user would be able to drag them around without much effort.

Canopy Beach chair – If you like to sit in your garden even when the sun is already high, this type of chair is perfect for you. It’s pretty much like a normal beach chair. The only difference is a canopy that is attached to the back to give you shade from the glaring sunlight. A typical beach chair with canopy, has aluminum frame and plastic seat.

Strandkorb Sylt two-seater

Padded Beach Chair – This is just an upgraded version of the regular beach chair. The seat and backrest are upholstered with foam, which means more comfort for the user. The padding is ideal for your back and your floor, especially if you like sitting for a long time.

There is nothing better than lying on the beach. The sun strokes your face, the breeze flows through your hair and the sand tickles your feet. Most beach chairs are adjustable to 45 ° or 90 °.

The West Coast beach chair – fantastic and comfortable

He should match your definition of comfort. The chair is said to be comfortable for rejuvenating tropical treatments.


Thousands of them migrate to the islands and beaches every spring. Despite the wind and the weather, they are only installed in covered halls in late autumn: 12,000 beach baskets (the so-called “beach baskets” in German) populate the islands from north to south.
And they are just on the road throughout the season: “the indestructible outdoor chairs”. Nevertheless, two to three thousand beach chairs on the mainland move every year and find a new home on the balcony in Bavaria or on the terraces in Thuringia.

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