Who does not dream of distant destinations and places with mystical customs, ancient history, interesting culture and breathtaking sunsets? The motto of each traveler is: “I was not everywhere yet, but it’s on my list”. That’s why you can just start with a plan for this year. In our article we have presented the top 5 Destinations 2019: Athens, the city of philosophy
Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Athens

Athens is a mix of modernity and an ancient center and due to the warm weather, the city is the perfect spring destination. Only a walk in the ancient city is enough to feel the unique flair. Surrounded by mountains and beaches, Athens is a place of diversity. The Dionysos Theater and Pnyx are located in Acropolis and are a must for every tourist. These sights are not only famous for their history, here you can also enjoy a beautiful view. Other cultural places you can visit are the Panathenaic Stadium and the National Archaeological Museum. But do not be wrong! Greece is never boring, so is Athens. The Greeks are famous for their delicious cuisine: feta cheese, moussaka, bifteki, souvlaki and gyro are just a few of the culinary temptations. And if you want to drink an ouzo at the end, there are plenty of options for rooftop bars. You should also visit Plaka and Thissío district, where the young people meet for concerts.

Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Nachbarschaft in Athens
Urlaubsziele 2019: Kulturtrip in Athens
Urlaubsziele 2019: die Natur von Athens

Oriental flair: Meknes in Morocco

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Moschee in Mekens
Almost everyone knows Marrakech and Casablanca, but do you know anything about Meknes? This unknown place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the liveliest Old Towns in Morocco. The little royal city is a former capital of the country. Here you can see one of the biggest and most beautiful gates of Morocco – “Bab el Mansour”. In this North African city you can enjoy a variety of smells, colors and details. One of the biggest advantages of Meknes is that the city is still untouched by the tourist crowd and that will make your whole vacation cheaper and much more authentic.
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Mekens Standt
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Entdecken Sie Mekens

Cheap holiday destinations 2019: Montenegro

Top Urlaubsziele 2019: Schöne Montenegro
Montenegro is still an undervalued and unknown destination in the Balkans. The country has a natural diversity of mountains, bays, crystal clear water and forests. Montenegro has only 650,000 inhabitants, but in recent years has made great progress in tourism: new hotels have been built and there are already good places to rest and admire enchanting views. The flights are still cheap, but that will change, so hurry up and book your next vacation in Montenegro!
Top Urlaubsziele 2019: Die schöne Natur in Montenegro
Top Urlaubsziele 2019: Hafen in Montenegro

Top Destinations 2019: Panama

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Surreale Strände in Panama
Do you know that Panama has more than 300 islands on the Atlantic coast? So you can visit one of the San Blas Islands almost every day of the year. The fact that you are on the border between Central and South America gives you an incomparable feeling. Panama will surely impress you with untouched jungle and white beaches. Whether you dream of exotic beaches or prefer an urban atmosphere, Panama is the perfect choice for a trip.
Urlaubsziele 2019: Panama Kanal
Urlaubsziele 2019: Panama city

Cheap holiday destinations 2019: Sri Lanka

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Safari in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a fairytale island that can still convince with a pristine nature. Here are the Buddha temples everywhere and maybe you’ve already seen pictures of the famous Sigiriya Rock, which was a Buddha monastery until the 14th century. Sri Lanka is a former British colony and almost everyone here speaks English fluently. In Sri Lanka, you can not only enjoy the beautiful beaches and ancient Buddha temples, but also an urban atmosphere in the capital Colombo or why not an adventurous safari?
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Colombo city in Sri Lanka
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Buddah Statue in Colombo city in Sri Lanka
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: View von oben von Colombo city
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Fischen in Sri Lanka
Urlaubsziele 2019: in Sri Lanka reisen
Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Sigiriya in Sri Lanka
Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Sri Lanka Einwohner
Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Elefanten in Sri Lanka
Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Atemberaubende Natur

Ancient Athens

Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Hinblick von Athens


Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Akropolis in Athens

Rooftop Bar in Athens

Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019: Athens und Standpunkt für Dinner


Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Die heimliche Stadt Mekens

Meknes from above

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Meken von oben

Montenegro in winter

Top Urlaubsziele 2019: Montenegro im Winter

“Ostrog” monastery in Montenegro

Top Urlaubsziele 2019: Kirche in den Felsen in Montenegro

Waterfall in Montenegro

Urlaubsziele 2019: Wasserfall in Montenegro

Beach in Montenegro

Urlaubsziele 2019: Schöne Strände in Montenegro

“Sveti Stefan” island in Montenegro

Urlaubsziele 2019: Insel

Beach in Panama

Urlaubsziele 2019: Die Strände von Panama

Sunrise in Panama

Urlaubsziele 2019: Sonnenuntergang in Panama

San Blas island in Panama

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: View von oben

Nature in Panama

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Strände in Panama

Wandering Panama

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Natur und Flüsse in Panama

Dawn in Panama

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Sonnenaufgang in Panama

Panama city

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: View von Panama City

Panama residents

Die besten Urlaubsziele 2019: Die Natur von Panama

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