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Hipster Frisur Frau lässiger Pferdeschwanz
Hipster Frisur mit Vollbart herrlicher Look Mann
Hipster Frisur für Damen
Hipster Frisur zerzaust kurt Schnurrbart Mann
Hipster Frisur Vorschläge für Damen und Herren
Hipsters are characterized by their cool urban look that reveals their specific way of life. Typical for her are the casual yet impressive outfit and clothing such as skinny jeans, check shirts, oversized glasses, scarves, fedora hats and many accessories. This look is complemented by the specific hairstyle, and, as already mentioned, we’ll tell you what their most important features are. Of course it is not a must to be a hipster to decide on such a hairstyle. Hipster styled haircuts are casual, but are distinguished by their elegance and originality – just look at our photos to see for yourself! And last but not least – hipster hairstyles were a real hit in 2018, and will be very up to date in the new year as well.

Hipster hairstyle: stylish ideas for men

Hipster Frisur mit Bart elegant Mann
Hipster Frisur zerzaust große Brillen Mann
Hipster Frisur Ideen für Herren
Hipster Frisur lange Haare Bart
Hipster Frisur lang mit Bart Jason Momoa
Hipster Frisur Mann Pompadour nach vorne gekämmt Locken
Hipster Frisur lässige Pompadour Frisur Mann
Hipster Frisur Deckhaar lang zerzaust Mann
Hipster Frisur Man Bun Kleidung offiziell
Hipster Frisur Man Bun angesagt Herren
Hipster Frisur Bart Man Bun
Hipster Frisur Man Bun locker modern
Hipster Frisur Man Bun mit Bart offizielle Kleidung
Hipster Frisur mit Tolle Vollbart Mann
Hipster Frisur mit Bart moderner Messz Look Mann
Hipster Frisur mit Vollbart Seitenscheitel Mann
Hipster Frisur Mann Pompadour Harschnitt Sonnenbrillen
For men, hipster hairstyles are mostly long or medium length. An excellent example of this is the so-called “Man Bun” – an extravagant updo for men, which is very trendy lately. However, if you do not like long hair (because it’s harder to care for and style than shorter hair), you could just keep your top hair longer and comb it back. With the comb still draw a side parting and as a result you get a beautiful Pompadour hairstyle. This can also be styled with some gel or wax, so you get a great. This look can be really elegant and is not really just for the hipsters. But they also combine the Pompadour hairstyle with full or mustache, which actually makes for a self-confident, male charisma. Of course, you could not wear the Pompadour hairstyle so strictly and let your hair fall casually aside – this option is just beautiful for men with curly hair. A cool hipster look is also available on short hair – you should style your hair so that you get the trendy “out-of-bed look”. The casual, ruffled hairdo (as long as it looks well-groomed) can even be paired with strictly official clothing, giving it an interesting contrast.

Hipster hairstyle – inspiring suggestions for the ladies

Hipster Frisur Frau Halb Bun pastellrosa Haare
Hipster Frisur Frau elegant Pixie Cut
Hipster Frisur Messy Bun übergroße Brillen Frau
Hipster Frisur Frau Messy Bun herrlicher Look
Hipster Frisur lässiger Dutt Brillen Dame
Hipster Frisur Frau lässig Halb Bun
Hipster Frisur Frau lässiger Look zerzaust
Hipster Frisur Volumen Pony Frau
Hipster Frisur offen Wellen
Hipster Frisur mittellang messy
Hipster Frisur offen voluminös Dame
Hipster Frisur Halb Bun toller Look Frau
Hipster Frisur Frau Deckhaar geflochten
Hipster Frisur Dame Dutt Oberkopf Nacken geflochten
Hipster Frisur Frau Bob asymmetrischer Schnitt
Hipster Frisur Bob zerzaust blonde Haare Dame
For the ladies, the variety of original hipster hairstyles is particularly great and the best part is that these hairstyles are also suitable for the office or official occasions. The first such hairstyle that we want to introduce you, you know very well – that’s the Messy Bun. The loose, knotted Dutt does not look as strict as Ballerina Dutt or Chignon, and can literally be styled for a minute: you should just tie your hair together on a ponytail as high as possible on the top of your head, just twist the braid around the hair tie and fix it with hairpins. Finished! Just as impressive is the Half Bun, in which only the top hair is tied to a loose bun. Also among the typical hipster hairstyles for women is the asymmetrical bob

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