Hearts are the most common symbol of love, passion and worship, although there are other meanings for a heart tattoo and every heart tattoo can mean something different to each person. The hearts were featured in tattoo designs because the tattoos have gained first popularity with the sailors.

The heart tattoos come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors

As a rule, it has a small to medium size and can be placed almost anywhere you want, or added as an addition to existing body art. Some body parts that are particularly suitable for the heart tattoo are, on the wrist, on the forearm, on the hips or on the foot, but if you choose the right heart tattoo, you will need a little more skin.

Couples often tend to integrate their names into the design

Sometimes the heart tattoo is also associated with the mothers. It is also said that the heart is the source of knowledge. If you get a heart tattoo with a dog, that would symbolize your love for the dog. The heart tattoo is one of those tattoo designs where you can be creative, which design and meaning you want to take, as it represents so many different things in the eyes of the beholder. There are different types of heart tattoo designs:

Broken heart tattoos

Broken Heart Tattoos – This special tattoo design serves as a reminder of a lost loved one. The broken heart can also be a long-distance relationship and reminds you of how holy love is.

Black Heart Tattoos – The Black Heart Tattoos represent a very sad day in a person’s life, such as the loss of a relative or friend, the end of a relationship or a memorial after a tragic event. As a rule, people combine this tattoo design with a name under the heart, angel wings, cross or even flowers. Many people have the black heart tattoo design as a reminder of the 11th of September, the black day that has cost thousands of lives.

Sometimes the heart tattoo is also associated with the mothers

Heart Tattoos with Wings – The heart tattoos with wings symbolize freedom, spirit and free spirit. People often get a winged heart to express their joyous and free nature, and also to symbolize the liberation of certain things, such as lost dependencies or bad habits.

Heart tattoo with wings

Tribal Heart Tattoos -The tribal heart tattoos have no symbolic meaning that people choose, as a rule, for their great looks. There are thousands of tribal heart designs to choose from and they blend well with other tattoo designs.

Celtic Heart Tattoos – The Celtic Heart Tattoos are a beautiful way to show strength and unity. As a rule, they consist of four different patterns, including knots, crosses, spirals or step work.

Sacred Heart Tattoos – The Sacred Heart Tattoo has a symbolic heart design. It has a long history dating back to the 17th century in France. It is, as a rule, combined with thorns, angels, a crown, a pierced sword. This design has been seen as a Catholic symbol for centuries and is dedicated to Jesus Christ. In Christianity, that represents faith.

Lock and Heart Tattoos – The lock and heart tattoo has a great positive meaning. People with this design usually want to represent their love of each other as a symbol that you can unlock their hearts just for that person.

Real Heart Tattoos – This special heart tattoo design is rare and usually shows with blood and color an actual representation of the real human heart, sometimes held by one hand.

Flaming Heart Tattoo – The Flaming Heart Tattoo design represents a strong love and strong passion. The flames represent the intense heat of passion and the burning love.

Dagger Heart Tattoo – The Dagger Heart Tattoo has both a positive and a negative meaning. The positive meaning of the dagger’s heart tattoo stands for bravery and courage. The negative – for mourning or long-lasting struggle.

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