Beauty not only means beautiful hair, hairstyles and nails, but also beautiful smile. Because a radiant smile could exert a particularly great effect on other people. To make it easy, you should take care of your teeth properly. Healthy teeth need proper care. If you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth, you should of course brush regularly. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. A few more things are to be considered here. Which are you? Find out more about dental care, important tips and basic rules for keeping your teeth healthy in this article. Because white teeth radiate health and competence.

Healthy teeth make for a nice smile!

What is the key to dental care?

Properly brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth protects teeth from decay and keeps them healthy. Here is the rule: First brush the chewing surfaces, then clean the outer surfaces and finally the inner surfaces. “Clean properly” but also relies on the right pressure on the toothbrush. Firm pressure could have a negative impact on the gums and the necks of the teeth. Here comes the question of the optimal frequency of tooth brushing. As a rule, brushing your teeth in the morning, at noon and in the evening is a must. Do not miss the morning and evening dental care!

Healthy teeth through a healthy diet!

You can easily achieve dental health through a healthy diet. Crucial here are the following foods. Among the so-called tooth-friends are:

Green tea: this miracle drink serves as an excellent dental assistant. It contains protective polyphenolic substances that eliminate caries bacteria perfectly.

Which are the teeth enemies?

Cheese – the ideal mouthguard. Of all foods, cheese is the most valuable and important ingredient in protecting teeth. Due to the substances contained in it, such as calcium, fat and protein, the cheese is the best caries protection.

Which foods are crucial for dental health?

By eating vegetables and spices, you can prevent many dental problems such as periodontitis. The healthiest vegetables include, for example, raw peppers and raw carrots.

The health of your teeth also depends on how often you eat fish. Healthy omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish such as salmon or herring have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gums and protect it.

If you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth, you should look after them properly!

As dental health is a comprehensive topic, we focus only on the key principles. Oral hygiene and healthy nutrition are a must. Of course, going to the dentist is recommended. Because the beautiful teeth can become a real eye-catcher!

Dental health promises you a really nice smile!

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