Are you a real sweet tooth? Does chocolate taste so good that you can not resist this temptation at all? But you are looking for a healthier diet? Looking for low calorie sweets? Then you are right here. Who says sweets are always harmful? Yes, it can be healthy too. We suggest a very fast recipe for healthy power chocolates. Take a look at our great idea for healthy sweets!

Make healthy sweets yourself!

Which are the healthiest sweets!

They are the smallest and sweetest seduction of all the world’s sweets: chocolates. They appear in various forms: from truffle and chocolate lollies, over crunchy chocolates to decorated chopped chocolates. No matter which food you choose, everyone always tastes heavenly. Healthy chocolates? Probably someone would say: “It is not possible”! But whoever thinks so, he is wrong. We will show you how you can easily make healthy chocolates yourself. They are also perfect for the kids. Healthy sweets are true! Convince yourself!

Healthy sins nibble to your heart’s content!

Chocolates can also be healthy. But that depends on the ingredients. The main dough for our power chocolates consists of dates and nuts. They are the most important ingredients that actually make these energy balls healthy. Dates are naturally very sweet and have a high content of fructose. But they are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Nuts are healthy because of the high concentration of proteins and other trace elements. They naturally supply many unsaturated fatty acids.

Ingredients for the power chocolates as healthy sweets!


100 g of dried dates;

45 g of almonds;

2 teaspoons unsweetened baking cocoa;


How can you make energy balls yourself?


Mix almonds, dates, coconuts and baking cocoa and chop them into a smooth dough!

For each ball, take one tbsp of the dough!

Roll your hands into a ball!

Roll the ball in baking cocoa until the entire surface is covered!

The power chocolates are ready!

You can combine the chocolates with dried fruits and other nuts as you wish! Combining walnuts and apricots or hazelnuts and cranberries is a great idea!

Preparation: step by step!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Step 4

These power packs taste really good and are perfect healthy sweets for anyone who wants to eat healthily! Do not miss this opportunity!

Let the little treasures taste!

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