Harley Quinn Kostüm: Ideen und Inspirationen
Maybe you think that Harley Quinn costume is very hard to create, but that’s not true at all. Actually, you can imitate the look in a few steps. First, we’ll be happy to give some make-up tips, as their typical, distinctive, and off-the-line make-up actually makes them shape.
Step 1: White, pale skin
The next important step for this make-up is the skin color. Here are some options: The first is to choose a white complexion. Just apply a thin layer to make the skin look better. But if you prefer a natural look, you can also use Foundation. But here you need a few shades lighter than your face color to achieve the desired effect. Then come the eyebrows. These have to be in total contrast with the skin: that means first covering your natural eyebrows with the white foundation and then repainting them in black.
Harley Quinn Kostüm: Schminken Anleitung
Step 2: Eye Makeup
After the face also comes the eyes. Make up one eye in blue and the other in red. It is easiest to use eyeshadow or complexion. To get a tears effect, blur the color of each eyelid outward and then draw a few strokes down. Also use black eye pencil to contour your eyes. For an expressive look, we recommend a lot of black mascara. With artificial eyelashes and even contact lenses you will surely impress everyone.
Harley Quinn Kostüm: Originell vs. Selber gemacht
Step 3: Lips and tattoo
Then the lips come. These are also a feature of Harley Quinn that are boldly red. Here only matt colors are to be used, forget everything shining. Also create an Ombre effect using a black lip liner. Do not forget to paint the little heart tattoo on the left cheek with a black pen.
Harley Quinn Kostüm selber machen für Karneval oder Motto-Party

Step 4: The hair

Last but not least is the hairstyle. The hair should be divided into two blond braids and the tips are dyed in red and blue, according to the make-up. To dye only your tips, you need blond hair. But if you are a brunette, it is recommended to use a wig. These are already popular and are easy to find in stores or online ordering cheap.
Harley Quinn Kostüm und Schminken Anleitung

Harley Quinn costume: accessories and clothing

Harley Quinn Kostüm: ganzes Look
The Harley Quinn costume is made up of some compulsory items: jacket, T-shirt, shorts, belt and fishnet tights. We recommend clothes in blue and red shades. Then pick up a baseball bat and diligently chew bubblegum chewing gum and then your Harley Quinn look is done.
Harley Quinn Kostüm, Frisuren und Schminken

Harley Quinn costume in black and red

Harley Quinn Look mit dunkeln roten Lippenstift
Harley Quinn Look can look very different. So far we have shown the look of Margot Robbie. The original Harley Quinn looks very different. The original cartoon character has a black mask and a costume in red and black. Here you will find many ideas and suggestions for Harley Quinn costumes, which you can wear on carnival, carnival or a motto party.
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