In the cold winter, the balcony looks like a not so pleasant and cozy place because of the gray weather and without the green plants that contribute to beautify the balcony especially. That’s why winter hardy balcony plants make for a happier mood even in the cold season. We give you some tips to choose from and how to make your balcony look winter proof!

Hardy balcony plants are always green

It is nothing special to decorate the balcony even in winter with fresh colors. There are a great variety of hardy balcony plants that provide a contrast in the prevailing gray with their colorful robe. A good option for this are the so-called evergreen plants. Examples include the boxwood, olive trees, bamboo and even some cactus species.

Climbing plants for your balcony

Climbing plants can serve as privacy screens, as decoration for the house facade or simply on the balcony. The most popular species are ivy, wine, wisteria and clematis. Of course, these plants must be hardy, so you do not plant them in vain. An important care tip: Water regularly, fertilize often and cut the climbing plants once or twice a year.

Hardy balcony plants with a colorful undertone

For more color in the gloomy winter, see-through berry, skimmie, winter jasmine, snow heath and erika with their colorful berries, leaves and flowers. In particular, the heather brings in winter the beautiful soft tones such as pink and purple, but also in white, the heather can be found. In addition, the firethorn with its orange-colored berries creates powerful and effective accents on the balcony. Another option for outdoor design is the sg dwarf medlar. With its deep red berries it is particularly striking in the middle of drab gray and attracts attention.

Frost protection for hardy balcony plants

The planter may not be too small so that it does not completely freeze. In addition, you must not forget the fact that pouring and rainwater can drain well and no waterlogging forms in the flower boxes. A drainage layer of expanded clay or gravel is a satisfactory option here. Simply mix a bit of the expanded clay under the potting soil – this loosens the soil in addition and ensures a good air balance.

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