A warm cozy winter. Simple things in life that make you happy. An attitude to life, the easiest way to happiness. A luck that you can not buy. Have you ever thought that you can only find it in a cup of hot chocolate and warm socks? And do you know that the way to happiness is just a word? Hygge! The Danish secret for satisfaction!

What is Hygge?

Think of these moments of life that we simply want to cultivate. It’s not about expensive holidays, it’s about moments with family and friends, a few smiles or a good book. Exactly this attitude to life, call the Danes Hygge. An attitude that just makes you happy. Hygge is hot chocolate by candlelight. Hygge is cooking for the family. Hygge is a delicious cake. Hygge is cuddling. Hygge is happiness that you can learn. We show you how!

7 days Hygge Challenge to bring happiness in life

This 7 day Challenge that we have prepared for you describes exactly what is good for Danes. Try the next vacation and your lifestyle will be completely changed. Because Hygge is not just a word, it’s art, it’s attitude. Hygge can be found from woolen socks to the cuddly blanket on the couch. We reveal the secret of how you understand Danish art. Once you understand and experience this lifestyle, you will understand the whole philosophy. That’s why the Danes are the happiest people in the world!

Guide to Happiness: more hygge in life

Bring more hygge into your life! The path to happiness has never been so easy and enjoyable! No wonder that Hygge has become a trend internationally and that it is called a phenomenon. Follow our guide on how to make your life hyggelig:

  • Organize a cozy evening at home – just for yourself! Mobile phone and computer off, candles on and under a blanket read an interesting book!
  • Have a good bottle of wine, prepare something delicious for dinner, share a delicious dessert, a few candles and funny stories with friends.
  • Danes do not count the calories!
  • Long walks, dressed in warm clothes.
  • Hygge is not a must, it’s feeling – you should find yourself what makes you happy. Of course you can not cuddle every day, you can also enjoy outdoor and nature.
  • Create a cozy home – below you will find inspirations!

Book tip: “Hygge – an attitude that just makes you happy”

How to make your home hyggelig!

Not only with candles you can create a cozy atmosphere. For the Danes, there is also a hyggeliges home. There is always neat, clean and comfortable. The colors are neutral and warm and the decoration always looks warm. On the couch is always a cuddly blanket to find and on the bed always many soft pillows. The decor is never luxurious, on the contrary. The furnishing style is Scandinavian. The stove is lit in winter and the house plants refresh the atmosphere and make for an enormous sense of well-being. No matter if it’s design concept it just has to feel it!


Hyggelig live – there are a lot of hyggelige moments in life! You just have to stop and enjoy them!

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