Looking for an interesting craft project that you can realize with the children for Christmas? Here are some great ideas for you – we’ll show you how to make creative deco, greetings cards and pictures with handprints! Crafting with a handprint Christmas is super easy and especially the smaller children like it very much – try the idea out for yourself! We wish you a lot of fun crafting and a Merry Christmas!

Crafting Handprint Christmas – a wonderful DIY idea for kids

Handabdruck Weihnachten Bilder gestalten Ideen
Handabdruck Weihnachten Weihnachtsmann Grusskarte
Handabdruck Weihnachten Ideen für tolle Bilder
Handabdruck Weihnachten Vögelchen Ast
Handabdruck Weihnachten Christbaum
Basteln mit Handabdruck Weihnachten Weihnachtsmann Rentiere
Handabdruck Weihnachten Schneemänner
Handabdruck Weihnachten Grusskarte originell
Handabdruck Weihnachten Engelchen
Handabdruck Weihnachten Tannebaum DIY
Children are undoubtedly the ones most looking forward to the coming Christmas. Preparing for this includes working together, giving parents the opportunity to spend happy moments with the child. And as I said before, crafting Christmas prints is really entertaining for the little ones – painting your hands and making colorful prints will really please any kid, right? You can do it very differently and make a work of art on canvas or original Crafting with handprint Christmas – necessary materials
Handabdruck Weihnachten Weihnachtsbaum selber machen
Handabdruck Weihnachten Schneemänner selber machen
Handabdruck Weihnachten Nikolaus wie geht es
Handabdruck Weihnachten Nikolaus Pappe
Handabdruck Weihnachten Nikolaus Pappe Christbaumschmuck
To make great pictures with hand prints for Christmas, you need the following: non-toxic finger paints from the craft shop, brush, paper, newspaper to lay out, paper plates, as well as enough wet wipes, damp washcloth or kitchen paper and water. First, explain to the child what the aim of the crafting is, and be attentive, so that the painted hands of the children do not leave lasting memories on the furniture – the smaller the child, the greater is the fate that making crafts becomes a huge fuss. Choose the Christmas motif you want – Santa Claus, an angel, birds, funny snowmen and reindeer, or whatever comes to your mind! Let your imagination run wild and encourage the child to express their creativity – here unusual thinking is required.

Handicraft Christmas – Instructions

Handabdruck Weihnachten Rentier Wackelaugen Grusskarte
Handabdruck Weihnachten lustige Eule
Handabdruck Weihnachten Fussabdruck tolle Bilder Karten
Handabdruck Weihnachten Rentiere Fussabdruck
Handabdruck Weihnachten Nikolaus selber machen Baumschmuck
Handabdruck Weihnachten Tanne originell
Handabdruck Weihnachten Christbaumkugel verzieren Anleitung
Handabdruck Weihnachten Weihnachtsbaumkugel verzieren
The steps for creating interesting pictures with handprints are clear: put some finger paint on a paper plate and apply it to the child’s hand surface with the brush, instead of dipping the whole hand in the paint – in this case the Color is too much. Use finger-paint depending on the selected subject – red, beige and white for the soft-man, dark green for fir-trees, brown for the reindeer, etc. In order for the subject to be clearly visible, the background of the image should contrast with the print. When designing greeting cards, it is important to place the print correctly and leave enough room for a short spell – like the classic: “Merry Christmas!” The cards can also be painted and decorated, bordered with washi tape, etc ,

Crafting with handprint Christmas – correct technique and original motives

Handabdruck Weihnachten Bilder gestalten mit Kleinkindern
Handabdruck Weihnachten tolle Grusskarte Weihnachtsmann
Handabdruck Weihnachten Schneemänner gestalten
Handabdruck Weihnachten Rentier selber machen
Handabdruck Weihnachten Bilder DIY Jesus Krippe
Handabdruck Weihnachten Eisbär
Handabdruck Weihnachten Engel
Handabdruck Weihnachten Bilder aufhängen
When the child makes the handprints, it is important that they do not keep their fingers too close to each other. If there are areas where the imprint is missing, you can simply fill the gaps with paint using a brush. To get different shapes, you can not paint the whole hand, but only a part of it – eg just the fingers or the inner surface. This gives them the opportunity to create many interesting motifs. If the handprint is already done, wash the child’s hands immediately with water and allow the paint to dry completely before decorating the picture. You can draw interesting ideas for great Christmas motives from the photos from this eitrag!

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