The witch costume is the classic

A cute tutu skirt, a pointed hat, a homemade broom, striped tights with a black T-shirt and now the little Halloween witch is ready for the

We start with the tutu skirt by measuring the child’s waist and transfer it to the black rubber band. Use a pencil to mark the ribbon and cut the ribbon at the marker. Cut two pieces about 50 cm long from the black ribbon and fold a ribbon over each end of the elastic band. Insert needle to secure and sew. Now cut the tulle into pieces about 60 cm wide with sharp scissors, while the length varies to get a serrated edge. Roll tulle, measure and cut 3 by 10 cm sections. Set aside a tulle strip to spice up the hat later. Then cut the strips in the middle, fold in the longitudinal direction and cut at the seam. Finally, cut off all ends at an angle, so that the serrated ends are visible,

step 2

Stack 2 to 4 tulle strips together and fold into a loop. Wrap the rubber band around the loop and pull the ends through the loop center to secure the tulle bands to the rubber band. So the process is repeated with the remaining strips and they are pulled together tightly until the entire elastic band is covered.

step 3

In step 3, the hat of the Halloween witch is completed. Roll a foam plate into a cone. Place the cone on the child’s head to make sure it fits. If not, adjust the size. Draw a straight line with a ruler and a pen to mark excess foam. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess foam and then cut it along the cone. Apply a blob of hot glue with the foam overlapping the tip and press until the adhesive cools. Apply a small bead of hot glue to the rest of the seam and squeeze the overlapping foam over it. Hold it until the glue cools. Tip: Applying a small amount of glue prevents it from squeezing out.

On a second piece of foam, turn a pencil around a large plate and cut out the circle with sharp scissors. Put the cone on top of the circle and center and trace the cone foot with a pencil. Cut about 1.5 cm inside-lying line and remove the inner circle. Cut 1.5 cm of protrusion into the tabs and fold over. Apply adhesive to the cone base and press the tabs into the adhesive to secure the cone to the edge of the hat. Hold it until the glue cools. Repeat this process until all tabs are glued to the inside of the hat.

Tie the lifted tulle piece around the hat. Secure with a simple knot and hold with a dab of glue. Cut the black ribbon in two 50 cm lengths; these are tied around the child’s chin. Attach the ends of the tape to the inside of the witch hat with hot glue.

Step 4

Find a stick about 3 cm in diameter and collect 15-20 small branches. Cut 1.5m of string and wrap it tightly around the bundled branches to attach it to the stick. So, the work is done and we have a sweet little Halloween witch ready for Trick or Treat.

The finished costume of the little witch

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