Halloween is almost around the corner and except for decoration, we should think of our costumes! A scary disguise is an absolute must for the Halloween party. And those who have decided on a vampire or zombie look, of course, need bloody nails! For those who want to give their creepy outfit a great finish, we have prepared the perfect Halloween red nail design!

Halloween Red Nail Art – How do you make fake blood on your nails?

As we said before, to make your Halloween costume look more realistic, you need bloody nails! But how exactly do you create the artificial blood? We have prepared 3 free guides for you with three different options. The basic principle is similar. First, prime your nails. This is best done with a white nail polish, Nude is also realistic. Since it is red nail design, of course you need a red nail polish. For the last instructions you need tips for artificial fingernails. These can be purchased from any drugstore or ordered online. You need it to create scary broken bloody nails! Now you can start!

Instructions for bloody nails in 2 steps

Step 1: Paint your nails in white

Step 2: Use a brush to apply blood spatter to your nails

Finished! With this Halloween red nail design you look right like a zombie!

Instructions 2 – Bloody fingerprints

Let’s try this with Nude and Red!

Paint all nails in nude or white and leave to dry

Pick up some of the red nail polish with your fingertips

It is recommended that you pour a bit of the nail polish on paper. Also use nail polish remover so your fingertips do not get dirty. It gets nicer and the prints become more realistic if you do not put too much of the red paint on your nails.

Now dab the red prints on the nails – as much and where you want!

Now comes the scariest look – broken bloody nails – Take a few pieces of the tips for artificial nails or plastic

Glue these on your fingers messy – where and as much as you want

Wear the red nail polish, depending on your mood! Have fun!

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