With glowing and elaborately carved pumpkins, the evil spirits are traditionally sold on Halloween. That is why scary faces and other frightening images are carved in the shell. To create a successful art work from the pumpkin, but you need a good template. In this article you will find 20 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates that can help you out. We wish you a lot of fun and hope that you will be able to make a unique decoration for Halloween itself and thus to delight your whole family!

Carving Halloween pumpkins – important tips and instructions for beginners

To prepare the pumpkin for carving, you should first flick its lid or bottom with a knife so that it can stand stably. After that, the seeds and the meat from the inside of the pumpkin using a spoon. Then choose one of the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates that you like best, print them out on paper and tape them to the front of the pumpkin. Then mark the contours of the template with a pointed pencil. Next, the carving template is removed. You can draw the contours again with pencil so that they are easier to see. It only remains to start carving the pumpkin – be especially careful not to hurt yourself! The cut out parts should be pushed out just as carefully. At the end, you can treat the cut surfaces with petroleum jelly to prevent rapid drying or mildew.
If you have the desire to decorate your house with several pumpkins, think about which Halloween pumpkin carving templates you want to use. It is also recommended that you choose pumpkins of different sizes to make the decoration look more original. Keep in mind, however, that the larger pumpkins are much easier to work with. Therefore, if you are a beginner or your children also want to try to carve Halloween pumpkins themselves, you better choose big fruits.

Halloween pumpkin carving templates

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