Halloween is coming in a few months, and maybe your kids want to attend the party too? If so, we have some fantastic ideas and templates for Halloween face painting that you and your kids would certainly enjoy! And although Halloween is not originally a German festival, it is especially celebrated by the little ones, because they are looking forward to the sweets, great

Halloween face painting will be much easier for you to do with our ideas than you might imagine and would make you really fun! Of course, you should consider the ideas and wishes of your child – maybe there are comic and fairy tale heroes or characters from movies and TV shows, as the child would like to disguise the feast of the saints. The child make-up can not only be scary, as it is traditional for Halloween, but also tenderly beautiful – for example, if the child chooses the costume of a mythical creature like fairy or unicorn. Below we give you different ideas – from the scary to the charming, from which you can draw inspiration for Halloween face painting.

Halloween face painting – necessary materials

For children’s Hallowenn make-up, you should only use children’s make-up colors that are water-soluble and dermatologically tested. You would also need the following: small sponges and damp cloths to help you quickly correct the make-up mistakes, thin brushes to apply the paint, and cups of water. If the child has long hair, put it on with a hair tie while putting on make-up. In front of the face painting, it makes sense to also move your little sweetheart – preferably with old clothes that would no longer wear the child and can pollute you with the color. The ideas and examples for face painting for Halloween are simple and also very suitable for beginners. If you like one of our photos very well, print it out and use it as a guide during make-up.

Halloween Face Painting – Ideas for Little Ladies

A very great motive for Halloween make-up, which especially the little girls will like very much, is the unicorn. And painting the noble mythical creature on the child’s face is actually a lot easier than it might seem at first glance – use white complexion and delicate pastel tones for the purpose, and let your imagination run wild! Other motifs that are particularly suitable for small ladies are mermaids and forest fairies. Perhaps your daughter is impressed by the grace of the mermaids, and would like to turn into this mythical creature for Halloween? Use colors such as blue, green and turquoise to depict the typical Maritime symbols such as waves, starfish and shells, and decorate the child’s face with rhinestones and glitter. For the fairy make-up, you decide on floral and forest motifs and use delicate colors and glitter – the result would certainly look fairy-tale!

Halloween Face Painting – Ideas for Boys

When it comes to Halloween Face painting for boys, the possibilities are enormous again. Maybe your little son dreams of having superpowers? Then you can easily turn it into your favorite superhero by just decorating your eyes and forehead, or the whole face with colors. To represent Spiderman, they should only paint the face in black and red, emphasize the eyes with white, and maybe paint a small spider between the eyebrows. Other popular motifs for boys are monsters, pirates, and different animals, such as tigers, lions, etc.

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