The festival of scare is around the corner. If you want to come home with a fat prey on Halloween, then you need in the hunt for sweet and sour a stunning Halloween costume. Like on the catwalk, there are fashion trends for even the best and most fashionable Halloween costumes for the year 2019. Bat, witch, ghosts, vampires, zombies – these Halloween looks are the staging of the horror festival, but what are the best Halloween costume ideas, The little ones on the hunt for sweets are most looking forward to, in our article.

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family: Loot All Sweets on Halloween With Style

Halloween Kostüm Ideen für die ganze Familie: Plündern Sie alle Süßigkeiten am Halloween mit Stil
Halloween is not only a scary celebration, but also a particularly fun occasion to spend time together with the whole family. Disguise yourself as different figures and loot the sweets from the neighboring houses. Here’s how to make these Halloween costumes yourself!

The best Halloween costume Gentlemen: Make a zombie costume yourself

Das beste Halloween Kostüm Herren: Ein Zombie Kostüm selber machen
Find the darkest seats in your closet and take on old pants, a jacket, and a black T-shirt. Add some patch on the clothes and tear the ends to create a realistic zombie outfit.

The hip Halloween costume Ladies: Spooky Bride

Das angesagte Halloween Kostüm Damen: Gruselige Braut
The time has come to wipe the dust off your wedding dress and change it. So that your look is scary enough for a fat booty, put on an Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers: On the garbage, wrap around and go!
Halloween Kostüm Ideen für die Kleinkinder: Auf die Müllbinde, herumwickeln und Los!
The mummy costumes are popular Halloween costumes for the kids and you can make them yourself at home. The necessary materials for these cheap Halloween costumes are garbage or white rags, which you can get by slicing a bed sheet. Gather your child in trash and let your little mummy stroll through the houses for sweets.

Bat Halloween costume for newborn

Fledermaus Halloween Kostüm für Neugeborenes
The bat costume for Halloween is one of the most popular ideas for newborns. This costume is super cute and the child will be an eye-catcher. The look is easy – hat with felt ears and rompers with wings. Her little bat is ready to win many sweets.

Halloween Costume Ideas for the siblings: The popular motif from the children’s films

Halloween Kostüm Ideen für die Geschwister: Das beliebte Motiv aus den Kinderfilmen
All children are totally in love with the Disney film production “Frozen”. Most girls want to dress up as Elsa and Anna and the boys – as Olaf and Kristoff. The trend for a costume marked by “Frozen” is suitable for Halloween and Carnival alike. For the joy of Halloween, let your kids shine with these super cute costumes and collect lots of sweets.

Frozen Halloween costume for toddlers

Frozen Halloween Kostüm für Kleinkinder

Fluffy, pink and super cute – who can stand this little candy?

Flauschig, rosafarbig und super süß - wer kann diesem kleinen Bonbon standhalten?
The nature of toddlers is to be sweet, so put on their natural sweet radiance and accentuate them with the right Halloween costume. This look is a sure victory!
Halloween Kostüm Ideen für Neugeborenes
Halloween Kostüm Ideen für Neugeborenes - ein flauschiges Einhorn

Halloween costume ideas for girls: tutu pumpkin dress

Halloween Kostüm Ideen für Mädchen: Tutu Kürbis Kleid 
For this beautiful tutu dress you need minimal knowledge for sewing and lining in orange. Then teach your child the following saying:

“I am a little pumpkin child
and I’d like sweets here – quickly! “

The hip Halloween costume ideas: Be the flamingo among all the princesses!

Die angesagten Halloween Kostüm Ideen: Seien Sie der Flamingo zwischen all den Prinzessinnen!  
The Flamingo Trend conquers all classifications – from the interior design, over the clothes, to the mobile phone cases and why not the best costume for Halloween?

The always cheerful trolls celebrate Halloween

Halloween Kostüm Ideen: Die immer gutgelaunten Trolle feiern Halloween
Halloween Kostüm Ideen für Geschwister: Die immer gutgelaunten Trolle feiern Halloween
Passende Halloween Kostüme für Geschwister: Die immer gutgelaunten Trolle feiern Halloween

A successful combination: Match your baby costume to a dog costume for Halloween!

Eine gelungene Kombination: Passen Sie Ihr Baby Kostüm zu einem Hund Kostüm für Halloween!

For all pineapple fans: “Be upright like a pineapple, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!”

Günstige Halloween Kostüme für die Kleinsten:

Caution, beware! The Cookie Monster is coming and looking for more coockies!

Halloween Kostüm Ideen: Vorsicht, Vorsicht! Das Cookie-Monster kommt und sucht nach mehr Coockies!

Gather many beautiful Halloween costume ideas for the smallest rascals!

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