The ladies, who have already reached 50 years, have undoubtedly tried many different hairstyles and already know what suits them best. Therefore, in this post we have collected a few stylish ideas for hairstyles 50 plus that can inspire you for a change. Take a look at our photos and read the tips below to see which haircuts will make you look younger and more modern! We wish you a lot of fun!

Hairstyles 50 plus – long hair are also an option

Frisuren 50 plus mittellange und lange Haare
Frisuren 50 plus Langhaarschnitte mit Pony
Frisuren 50 plus Long Bob Seitenscheitel
Frisuren 50 plus lange Haare Stufenschnitt
Frisuren 50 plus langes Haar modern
Frisuren 50 plus hochgesteckt Haarfarbe Grau
When it comes to hairstyles 50 plus, most women imagine Kutzhaarschnitte. But that’s not a must! There are so many long and medium long hairstyles that the more mature ladies can just look fantastic, and here we tell you which ones they are. The hair length is actually a matter of taste and not a question of age, so you should wear your mane as you like it best! Long hairstyles are the perfect choice for a thicker hair structure. Over the years, however, natural keratin production decreases and hair becomes a little finer and thinner. For this reason, it is particularly important to use suitable care products – especially those that build up the hair structure and have a high keratin content. For example, you can opt for a gentle step cut, in which the strands beautifully frame the face. The shorter the hair, the lower the difference between the steps should be. For long hair, it is recommended that they end in the height of the collarbone. So that the hairstyle looks a little fresher, you can use a large round brush to conjure up loose waves on the hair tips or opt for blonde highlights or a modern hair color. And another tip for the ladies from 50 – do without the center parting. The side vertex is a much better option because it diverts attention from the forehead wrinkles.

Stylish hairstyles 50 plus for medium-length hair

Frisuren 50 plus attraktiv stilvoll
Frisuren 50 plus stufig mittellanges Haar
Frisuren 50 plus stufig Highlights
Frisuren 50 plus schulterlanges Haar
Frisuren 50 plus Long Bob romantische Wellen
Frisuren 50 plus mittellanges Haar stilvoll
Frisuren 50 plus Styling Ideen mittellanges Haar
Frisuren 50 plus romantische Wellen gestalten
Frisuren 50 plus Haare mittellang glatt
Frisuren 50 plus mittellang gestyft
Frisuren 50 plus mittellanges Haar Seitenscheitel
There are also so many mid-length hairstyles 50 plus that you can try as you wish! A good choice in this regard is the stylish Hairstyles 50 plus – the most modern ideas for short hair
Frisuren 50 plus Bob modern A Linie
Frisuren 50 plus Bob A Linie
Frisuren 50 plus Bob rundes Gesicht
Frisuren 50 plus stilvolle Ideen mittellang
Frisuren 50 plus tolle Ideen für Brillenträgerinnen
Frisuren 50 plus der klassische Bob
Frisuren 50 plus kurz blond und grau
Frisuren 50 plus Bob feines Haar
Frisuren 50 plus mittellang Highlights
Frisuren 50 plus nach hinten gestylt
Frisuren 50 plus Ideen für kinnlanges Haar
Short hairstyles are the most popular among women over 50, and that’s not by chance – short hair is particularly easy-care and practical, and the variety of styling options you can choose is almost limitless! In addition, they provide a modern, youthful appearance and simply beautifully emphasize the face. An excellent example of this is the Pixie Cut, which is just perfect for the ladies with
Frisuren 50 plus graue Haare modern
Frisuren 50 plus knallrot auffällig
Frisuren 50 plus kurz Nuance Platinblond
Frisuren 50 plus kurz Stufenschnitt modern
Frisuren 50 plus tolle Ideen für kurzes Haar
Frisuren 50 plus kurzes Haar Farbe Honigblond
Frisuren 50 plus kurze Haar Highlights
Frisuren 50 plus praktische kurze Frisur Strähnen
Frisuren 50 plus Pixie Cut modern
Frisuren 50 plus Pony schräg
Frisuren 50 plus Pixie Cut praktisch

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