The time for haircutting has come to you? Then ask the moon when the best time is. Many people believe that the moon has a specific effect on the body and hair. Haircutting to the moon works better than beauty products. Of course we can not prove that, but try it, it can not hurt. Lunar calendar 2016 is the best time to visit your hairdresser.

Haircutting to the Moon affects hair growth

Keeping your haircutting appointments on the lunar calendar will make your hair thicker. If you dream of fast-growing hair, plan your hairdressing visit between new moon and full moon. Our advice: Have your hair cut as the moon grows. The best time would be the day after the new moon. The beauty products used between the two phases of the moon are also much better on the hair. But if you have a short haircut and want to keep it that way, choose an appointment right after the full moon or before the new moon. The hair grows slower as the moon wanes.

The zodiacs also play a big role

When we choose our next appointment for haircuts, we not only have to pay attention to the moon phases. The zodiacs also play a big role. The best dates for full hair are days when the moon is in fire signs or earth signs. For a voluminous and thick effect, the moon must be in Leo. If you own hair and only have the tips cut, just choose the day of Aquarius. This period is not to experiment. There are also bad times for your hairstyle. By no means visit your hairdresser during Krebses days. Not recommended are all days when the lunar calendar displays watermarks such as scorpion or fish.

The lunar calendar also affects the hair color

You want variety and a new hairstyle is not a big change for you? According to the lunar calendar, you can also color or tint the best time to hair Choose this day when the moon is in zodiac Libra. You will have brilliant hair color when planning a hairdressing visit in the Twin’s day. But if you only want to refresh your hair color, Aquarius will help you the best.

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