Perhaps you consider the cutting or coloring of hair corresponding to the phases of the moon just as a myth or superstition? In this article we give you a concrete example with the hair cutting according to the lunar calendar 2015, which can totally change your opinion. Here you will also find useful information about the strong influence of the moon on our organism and state of health, as well as on our hair. Enjoy reading!

Hair cut to the moon: myth or truth?

Every child knows that the alternation between ebb and flow is caused and influenced by the moon. Therefore, it sounds logical to claim that the moon also exerts an influence on the water content in the human organism – a fact that is also scientifically dependent. For all these reasons, it is thought that the moon phases are of particular importance not only to health but also to our beauty. From a scientific point of view, the relationship between the Earth’s satellite and our hair growth is not without doubt, but many people believe that there are certain days that are favorable for example for hair dyeing or cutting and in which the care products work better. But there are also such periods when one should rather avoid a visit to the salon. And information about this is, of course, the lunar calendar for that year. You can use this special calendar to determine what impact the different phases of the moon have on your health and activities. In this way, the lunar calendar gives you the ability to better plan your tasks during the month to be successful. The same applies to hair cutting.

When is the right time for a new hairstyle?

How can you find out when the best time to get your hair cut? In principle, the haircut is possible at full, as well as with increasing or decreasing moon – everything depends on what result they actually want to achieve. Hair grows faster when cut between new and full moon. During this period, the care products also look better. Go to the salon the best on the day before the full moon or after the new moon – an example of concrete data can be found below – in the paragraph, titled “Cutting hair according to the lunar calendar 2015”. Conversely, the hair cut before the new moon and after the full moon will grow slower. And the day of the full moon is just perfect to make a short hairstyle. Are you already interested in the topic? Then try to make yourself a new hairstyle after the moon – that can not hurt you anyway and – who knows – the result can be even better than you expected!

Hair cut according to the lunar calendar 2015: the role of the zodiac

Haircutting is also dependent on the twelve signs of the zodiac, each one of which represents the moon for two days within a month. For example, the Moon will be in Virgo, will keep the new hairstyle longer, and in Leo it will be more voluminous. And unfavorable are the periods when the moon is in the star sign fish or scorpion. If you also want to combine the new hairstyle with hair coloring, it is best to choose the period of time when the moon is in Libra. Also favorable for hair color changes is the moon in Gemini.

Cut hair according to the lunar calendar 2015

Try hair cutting according to the lunar calendar 2015 – you can only benefit from it! Here are the key data that you should consider.

Increasing Moon Phases 2015: January 22 to February 2, February 19 to March 4, March 20 to April 3, April 18 to May 3, May 18 to June 1, June 17 to June 2. July, 16 July to 30 July, 15 August to 29 August, 14 September to 27 September, 13 October to 27 October, 12 November to 25 November, 12 December to 25 December

Decreasing Moon Phases 2015: January 6 to January 18, February 5 to February 17, March 7 to March 18, April 5 to April 16, May 5 to May 16, June 4 to April 14. June, July 3 to July 14, August 2 to August 12, August 31 to September 11, September 29 to October 11, October 29 to November 10, November 27 to December 9

Full Moon Days 2015: 5 January, 4 February, 5 March, 4 April, 4 May, 2 June, 2 and 31 July, 29 August, 28 September, 27 October, 25 November, 25 December

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