Hair dyeing according to the lunar calendar is considered by many to be just a superstition. In this article, however, we show you that you should not underestimate the importance of the moon phases for hair styling and health. You will also find information and useful tips on how to get a nice and intense hair color by considering the lunar calendar. Enjoy reading!

The special relationship of the man to the moon

No other celestial body fascinates people like the moon. In the past, he was worshiped in many cultures as a god or goddess, and even today, festivals are celebrated for him. Without him, there would be no seasons, and each of us knows the strong influence that the moon has on the sea – the reason for the change between low tide and high tide. Man also has a very special relationship with the moon. The earth’s satellite influences the water content in the human body in a certain way and therefore many people are convinced that the forces of the moon determine their mood. Moreover, it has a strong effect on the beauty and state of health of the human and so on the hair.

Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar: the moon phases arouse hair growth

Depending on the specific phase of the moon and the sign of the moon, the hair may grow faster or slower, and the style will work better or worse. The same applies to the effect of the care products, such as shampoo, balm, etc. A lunar cycle (the time in which the moon once orbits the earth) lasts 28 days and this affects the hair growth in a certain way. Hair dyeing according to the lunar calendar can therefore have a positive or negative effect on its structure as well as on the intensity of the color. For this reason, it is recommended to consider the phases of the moon – not only when dyeing, but also when cutting the hair. This can also help you to make the right appointment with the hairdresser. If you are not sure whether it is superstition or not, give it a try! It can not hurt your hair anyway and who knows – maybe you can get a great result as well.

Coloring Your Hair According to the Lunar Calendar: The Role of the Zodiac

According to the lunar calendar, there are certain days that are favorable for hair coloring, so that you get the most beautiful result, but also those in which you should rather do without an appointment in the salon. But not only the phases play an important role, but also the concrete star sign, in which the moon is located. For example, your hair color will last much longer when the moon is in Aquarius. The same is true of all waning moon phases, because the water is directed towards the hair root and slowed down in this way hair growth. And if you get a shiny hair color, it’s best to color your hair when the moon is in the Gemini Gemini.

Useful tips for a great result

And which days are cheap to get the most intense hair color possible? In this case, you choose the time when the moon increases and is in the signs Aries, Sagittarius, or Virgo. But if you dye your hair in this moon phase, the color will not last longer. If you have the desire to lighten your hair, choose the time for the moon to slow down, or even better for the full moon day. The ideal time for upbeat and extravagant hair colors is when the moon is in the sign of the Scorpio. And the moon in Gemini and Libra is perfect for tints.

Cheap days in October 2016 for hair dyeing

If you are already interested in the topic, you can find detailed information on the Internet about which days according to the lunar calendar are best suited for hair coloring. For example, in October 2016, these will be 2.10, 10.10, 12.10, 19.10, 20.10, 28.10 and 29.10.

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