You want a modern and stylish hair color that looks super attractive? Then Silberblond may be the right choice for you! This bright nuance has recently fascinated many famous ladies, and not by chance – silvery blonde hair is a real eye-catcher and can be worn very differently – depending on your face shape, skin tone and of course personal preference. In this post, you will learn who the trendy hair color is, what hairstyles you can best bring to bear, how much care the silver-blonde hair requires and much more! We hope that you will be inspired by our ideas to try this beauty trend for yourself!

Hair color silver blonde looks extremely modern and stylish

Haarfarbe Silberblond lockiges Haar romantisch
Haarfarbe Silberblond Seitenscheitel Long Bob zerzaust
Haarfarbe Silberblond Flechtzopf romantisch
Haarfarbe Silberblond leichte Wellen Jennifer Lawrence
Haarfarbe Silberblond dunkler Haaransatz Pferdeschwanz
Haarfarbe Silberblond Seitenscheitel Ellie Goulding
Haarfarbe Silberblond Balayage Technik Ombre Look
Haarfarbe Silberblond trendy stilvoll
Haarfarbe Silberblond moderne Looks
Haarfarbe Silberblond super stilvoll Frisur glatt
Hair color Silverblond is not one of the latest hair styling trends you can choose, but it still stays up to date with its super-elegant look and numerous benefits. Why is? In the first place, this bright blond is very multi-faceted and can be from conspicuous and extravagant to delicate and feminine. It also beautifully emphasizes facial features and will enhance your natural beauty much better than other hair colors. Silver-blonde hair is also the perfect base for all the original nuances that are today’s trend – such as gray, blue, violet or pastel shades. For example, if you want Hair color Silverblond – the perfect basis for other trendy tones like gray and pink
Haarfarbe Silberblond graue Note Cara Delevigne
Haarfarbe Silberblond moderne kurze Frisur Seitenscheitel
Haarfarbe Silberblond Grauansatz Glitzerpuder Gel Miley Cyris
Haarfarbe Silberblond lange Frisur glatt modern
Haarfarbe Silberblond Grauansatz modern welliges Haar
Haarfarbe Silberblond rosa Schimmer mittellange Haare
Haarfarbe Silberblond graue Note Kurzhaarfrisur stilvoll
Haarfarbe Silberblond moderne Kurzhaarfrisur Pink
Haarfarbe Silberblond blasser Hautton blaue Augen
As the name suggests, Silberblond is a very light hair color with a silver or slightly grayish touch. These are obtained by adding a certain amount of gray to the Nuance Platinum Blonde. The clearer the gray note, the closer the color is to the hip ” Who is silver blond as hair color?
Haarfarbe Silberblond lange Frisur Brillen
Haarfarbe Silberblond dunkler Haaransatz Kim Kardashian
Haarfarbe Silberblond Kylie Jenner lange Haare wellig
Haarfarbe Silberblond glatte Haare Lady gaga
Haarfarbe Silberblond extravagante Kurzhaarfrisur
Haarfarbe Silberblond Kurzhaarfrisur originell Sonnenbrillen
Haarfarbe Silberblond langes Haar tolle Ideen
Haarfarbe Silberblond langes Haar leicht wellig
Haarfarbe Silberblond herrliche Lockenfrisur lange haare
Haarfarbe Silberblond stilvoller Look dunkler Haaransatz
Haarfarbe Silberblond romantische Locken Volumen
The dark-haired ladies should be patient to get the desired result, but the wait is worth it – just look at our photos to see for yourself! The silver-blonde hair is mainly women with a light skin tone and fine facial features. The ladies with blue and green eyes, they will also give a particularly beautiful look. Of course, the hairstyle is purely a matter of taste – a wavy or curly hair looks soft and romantic, while a silver-blonde, smooth haircut impresses with its modern look. Very chic in hair color silver blonde see all cheeky short hairstyles like Pixie Cut or the extravagant sidecut.

Helpful care tips for silver blonde hair

Haarfarbe Silberblond Long Bob herrlicher Look
Haarfarbe Silberblond zerzauste Frisur mit Pony kurze Haare
Haarfarbe Silberblond mittellange Haare Mittelscheitel
Haarfarbe Silberblond hilfreiche Pflegetipps
Haarfarbe Silberblond Frau blaue Augen
Haarfarbe Silberblond vorher nachher herrlicher Look
Haarfarbe Silberblond lange Haare romantische Frisur Wellen
Silver-blonde hair needs regular and intensive care so that it does not become brittle. A must are high-quality care products that build up the hair structure. They should as often as possible make special cures for chemically treated hair – not only the special cosmetic products, but also some home remedies can work wonders. And last but not least – use a silver shampoo to avoid the unpopular, slight yellowish tinge that may develop in your hair after some time.

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