Hair color Caramel Blonde is in fashion today – whether you want to dye your hair completely, or opt for just strands or ombre look in this modern color. Properly put on the hair, the Caramel Blonde color would beautifully emphasize the face and make your complexion shimmer. The complex gold tones would give you a particularly stylish, feminine look, so we recommend trying this trend for yourself. Below you will find everything about the modern color and find out who he would stand best, and how you should care for your caramel-blonde hair. Let yourself be inspired!

Hair color Caramel Blond is really “in” today

The beautiful hair color Caramel Blond is between beige blond and golden brown and looks really fascinating and sugar-sweet – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! The trendy tone is reminiscent of toffee or creme brulee and would simply stand you perfectly, even if you have a warm skin tone. In Prnzip, Caramel Blonde is a good choice for ladies with lighter skin types, but if your skin also has a yellowish or golden undertone, this color would just be perfect for you! Women with a dark taint can also try the trend color – it would give you a great off-the-sun kissed look. The warm golden tones look very natural and elegant, and can totally change your look – dare to try this modern and attractive shade for yourself!

Coloring Your Hair Caramel Blonde: How’s that?

If you want to dye your hair caramel blond, the ideal starting color is light or medium blonde. Therefore, if your hair is a little darker you should first bleach it. You can do the lightening yourself or – if you are not sure about your abilities – go to the hairdresser. After bleaching, you should wait about 2-3 weeks before you can dye your hair in modern caramel clay. If you’re hoping for a really great result, it’s best to rely on the expert hands of a professional. The reason – in the finished coloration sets you can not always get exactly the pictured on the packaging color, while the hairdresser will mix different warm nuances to get the desired color.

Hair color Caramel Blond: matching hairstyle and make-up

What are the best hairstyles for hair color Caramel Blond? Ideally, your haircut should look just as soft as the trendy color. Waves and curls – for example, the currently modern casual Beach Waves hairstyle, just fit perfectly to this nuance. The same goes for the loose braids and updos, which would give you a particularly romantic look. Less suitable for the caramel color are just cuts, as well as

And as already mentioned, the hair color Caramel Blond is a good choice not only for a complete coloration – it can set interesting, eye-catching accents in the hair. Caramel blonde strands of medium or dark brown hair can look fantastic, and you can also

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