Summer is here and your soul longs for sun, sea, beach, relaxation and rest, or in other words, you dream of enjoying the sunny days and warm nights to the fullest. Whether lying under the sun, swimming in the sea or just splashing in the pool, your hair is exposed to stress. Sun, salt and chlorine water, wind – all these factors have a strong effect on the hair. The natural moisture of the hair is removed and it is dull, dull, brittle and stringy. For this reason, it is very important to protect your hair properly from the risk factors in the summer. We’ll tell you the secret behind the groomed-looking hair and the steps of proper hair care to blow a flawless mane on the beach.

Hair Care: Tips for shiny and healthy hair in summer

Tip 1: Wear a hat through the day

The UV rays are dangerous not only on the skin, but also on the hair. To properly protect your hair, wear a sun hat all day long. So you spare it from torn, color loss and drying out.

Tip 2: How often do you wash your hair?

The summer heat increases the scalp’s sebum production and increased perspiration, which causes the hair to become soiled quickly. Wash your hair regularly to remove the remaining amount of chlorine, sand and salt. The trick for healthy hair is to wash in the summer only with lukewarm water. For shiny hair, use gentle and nourishing hair care products designed specifically for the summer season to moisturize and moisturize the hair.

Tip 3: Massage the scalp

For extra protection and shiny hair, rub damp hair products like oil and massage the scalp. The recommended hair care products for this season include aloe vera, keratins, mint and panthenol because they are the best products when we are looking for long-term hair freshening.

Tip 4: Cut the hair regularly

This does not mean changing the

The sun’s heat and rays strain your hair much enough that you will not evaporate it anymore as you change the hair colors every month. The colored hairs need ever greater hair care, so use special hair care products that recover every hair.

Tip 6: Use a coarse comb to comb

For maximum hair care use a coarse Kam, which facilitates the combing and protects the hair.

Tip 7: Blow dry with cold air

The high temperatures and strong sunbeams take a lot of stress on your hair, so do not burden them additionally with blow-drying. Dry at the lowest level.

Tip 8: The best hairstyle for the beach

For the windy days on the beach you braid your hair, because when the sand hits the hair, it damages the surface of the hair. A simple braid can be a real savior for the hair, so this

The healthy lifestyle affects the whole body, so care for your hair, skin, nail with a delicious healthy menu.

Tip 10: Drink a lot of water

Each hair is about 15% water, but in the summer the hair evaporates quickly. To escape, drink plenty of water. Drinking water has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

The right hair care is very important, absolutely recommended and despite good care for the hair in the summer. Markus Herman – the President of the German branch of the international hairdressing network Intercoiffure in Frankfurt, has said: “Once the sunshine, on the other hand the salt water. But the worst is the combination of both. “Healthy and shiny hair in the summer season is not a myth, but it is easily achievable if you have the knowledge to care for your hair.

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