You want to show yourself as a good host and ensure the maximum comfort of your guests? In this case, you should not only look after the delicious food and comfortable guest rooms, but also prepare a separate bathroom. In this post, we’ll give you some great ideas and practical tips to help you with this task. Below are some wonderful guest toilet design examples from which you can draw inspiration to impress your friends and acquaintances who have invited you home. We hope you enjoy our ideas and suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Guest WC and bathroom: Make sure that your friends and acquaintances enjoy their holidays

Do you like to invite guests home? Then, as already said, the guest bathroom is a must, so that you can really feel at home in your apartment. The room should be practical and stylish, and of course contain all the necessary bathroom furniture. Here you will learn how to design a bathroom and toilet for guests themselves. Our photos also present magnificent guest toilet design examples that can be used as a role model. Normally, the bathrooms, intended especially for guests, are not large spaces because they are only used when visiting friends, relatives and acquaintances. And to avoid inconvenience, you can set up such a bathroom in your apartment – read on to see how easy it is!

Guest toilet design examples – practical ideas for a small space

You already have a guest toilet or a small room that you want to convert to such? Then opt for the minimalist style! This style is characterized by simple elegance, is currently really hip and just perfect when it comes to decorating a small room. The modern minimalist interior should include only the most important: a stylish marble or wood washbasin with vanity unit, a hanging toilet bowl that impresses with its original look, and a large mirror framed with LED lights are quite sufficient. If you have more space you can opt for a small shower cubicle or even a compact bathtub. You can also think of a practical radiator, which will provide the comfort in the guest bathroom even in winter. Paint the walls in light or warm colors to optically enlarge the room. The soft pastel nuances create a cozy ambience and the white ceiling will make the guest bathroom appear higher.

Guest toilet design examples: impressive design solutions

Would you like to impress your friends and acquaintances with the design of the Gästebad? Let your imagination run free and create original accents that would make the room unique! It is not necessary at all to invest a lot of money in the design of the guest bathroom – it is actually the small details that create a stylish, individual ambience. For example, you can opt for tiles with unusual patterns and create an accent wall. Lately, the

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