As hair is often associated with beauty and attractiveness, most women seek that extra something – the tool to turn hair from good to great.
Did you realize that Pixie or Bob Haircut is not for you? It is of course possible to make a graceful transition back to long hair.
If you feel that your hair is not growing fast enough, look no further and try these proven tips to get a longer, stronger hair in no time. Before you grow your hair, you need to start checking to see if your hair is healthy.

Do you have a healthy and balanced diet

The healthy condition of the hair, as well as the rest of your body, is determined by the ingested food. Although a good shampoo and hair conditioner are essential for hair care, these are not the only necessary requirements. The hair is largely protein and needs protein to keep it shiny. If you want to grow your hair, the balanced diet – rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals – is essential. Salad, vegetables, beans, seeds, lean fish and chicken are excellent sources of daily nutrition.

Growing your hair requires regular cutting

It sounds unbelievable, but if you want to have long and healthy hair, then you need to trim it regularly. Cutting off the hair breakage makes your hair seem to grow faster. In fact, the splintered tips can cause your hair to lose length – let alone shine, volume, and smoothness. Make a visit to the hairdresser every three months and have your hair cut and the tips removed.

A transitional hairstyle is necessary if you let the hair grow

If you let a short cut grow unaltered, you run the risk of looking like a mushroom. Your stylist can thin the ends with a razor and add rough steps.

The golden rule to grow out? Make the upper part of the hair longer while cutting it far behind and at the sides. Otherwise, you risk being sloppy and unkempt.

Give your scalp a massage

The scalp massage not only feels good, it also helps to stimulate blood circulation. It also stimulates the scalp to produce fats that strengthen the roots and keep the hair moist. A scalp massage with coconut oil as a stimulant, greatly increases the chances that your hair will grow long and strong.

Do not overdo the styling with the heat generating equipment

Damage caused by heat-generating equipment is usually due to the destruction of the hair. If you need to use heat, lower the temperature and always use a heat protection attachment. Otherwise, you risk damaging your curls, which can cause the hair to break and curl.

Fast hairstyles for short hair

When the hair has grown a bit, straighten your hair with a light gel, put it behind the ears and give it a playful girly appearance. If your hair does not stop, attach it with hairpins directly behind the ears.
With a smooth bob hairstyle with bangs, the easiest way to grow your hair is without doing anything for it.

Rinse your hair with vinegar

The hair conditioner with vinegar can stimulate hair growth and make the hair look shiny, healthy and beautiful. A mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar and one liter of water can act as a natural hair conditioner when used for rinse-off, helping to get long hair like Rapunzel.

Avoid tight hairstyles and hair ties

If you bring your hair to a tight ponytail or hair braid, the hair is pulled out of the roots and strained. This causes the hair to break away from the roots and become more prone to breakage. This weakens the hair and causes permanent damage. If you grow your hair, the hair ties are not required. They also pull the hair out of the roots and cause considerable damage. The hair becomes weak and the scalp hurts.

Everyone is looking for the secret for long, beautiful hair. In fact, there is not a single insider tip. Several factors contribute to faster hair growth. Get started and experiment with these tips, see what works best for you.

You have to be patient

The very best solution for faster hair growth requires patience and durability. As long as you do the right thing and are determined to have long hair, you get results. Do not feel discouraged after a week and do not cut your hair short in frustration. Keep in mind that your hair grows an average of one centimeter (1.25 cm) a month as they grow your hair.

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