The beard looks masculine, original and authentic. This body accessory stands as a symbol of wisdom and masculine strength, but could also add charm to men, especially when the beard is well-groomed and even. Beards are back in fashion thanks to the hipster movement. They are becoming popular with more and more men. Studies show that many women find men with beard more attractive. With a beard, a man looks much more mature and masculine. Beards help men to prevail over other men. Do not you think so? Do you want to grow a beautiful beard? If so, then you are right here. We suggest some helpful tips and tricks to help you grow your beard. 40 ideas for a perfect beard style are also available! Take a look!

Do you want to grow a really impressive beard?

You may have dreamed of growing a beard once in your life. A full beard, medium-long or rather short beard fits you? A question that can not be answered clearly. They have a short beard and want to grow a magnificent full beard. Then you could do it with a few tips and tricks. Here comes the question: “For which men is a beard suitable?” If you are among those men who have a thin beard, you probably do not want to get a full beard at all. Is it true? Still something to consider: whitish whiskers? Then the beard is not suitable for you. If you want to create an eye-catching look, then you can experiment with this body accessory by putting on creations like the Imperial Whisker or the Sideburn Beard! In this case, nothing speaks against a white beard.

Growing your beard is very trendy!

What are the advantages of the Vollbarts? In the first place, it is suitable for all face shapes. Your face is too round? A full beard could give it more length. Just let the beard grow on the chin! The full beard could also make your face shorter if you find your long face a bit ugly.

Well-groomed beard makes it more attractive …

… and consciousness!

However, anyone who wants to grow their beard should by no means underestimate their care. Because a great beard needs proper care and attention. Important tips for a quick beard growth are the following:

Get the beard in shape! It is said that the beard grows denser and stronger with regular shaving.

A beautiful beard thrives only on healthy skin. Unwanted redness, pimples and itchy areas are never allowed for this reason.

Beard, mustache or a well-groomed goatee do you prefer?

Optimal hormone balance also contributes to beard growth. Healthy whiskers signify healthy lifestyle. First, pay attention to the diet! Therefore, rely on a healthy nutritional plan, which is based primarily on vitamins A and E as well as on the minerals zinc and selenium. Other foods that promote beard growth are also oats, vanilla, mustard, garlic, celery, as well as protein and plenty of water.

Counteract the itching with a regular facial peel! Exfoliating products, olive oil and moisturizing creams for the face are the perfect care.

Use mild shampoo when washing! Treat whiskers with silk oil, cures and rinses! How to create a soft beard!

Cut off the tips once a week to avoid split ends!

Wear a nice beard!

Bart is an expression of individuality and self-confidence. Bart also makes sexy and attractive. Three days beard, schnauzer or wild growth? Every man has his own preference. You too, right? It does not matter what beard you want. All could be dominant, distinctive and elegant, especially if they are well cared for. No wonder that hipster beards are a total hit!

A beard might look more than sexy!

Which beards are particularly attractive to women?

Beard, trimmed beard, three-day beard or rather smooth? Which beard style is particularly popular with women? Especially the three-day beard women find particularly attractive. According to studies, this beard variant exerts a magical appeal on women. Men with beard are sexy. That is why more and more women fall in love with a beautiful beard. Wicked and somewhat wild, the beard serves as an outstanding body accessory. This beard style makes the facial features look better.

Beard trend: showcase a wild beard!

Have you already decided on the right beard style for your type? Not yet? Then take a look at our proposals for a stylish and impressive beard in the following gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Proud beards can be any man!

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