More and more women are looking for an untraditional wedding today. The unusual atmosphere guarantees unique memories – for you as well as for your guests. A fancy bridal gown can contribute a lot because it looks original and impressive and at the same time meets your personal preferences. In this post we offer you a creative idea – romantic apricot color wedding dress that will make your big day really special. Take a look at the photos and be inspired!

Wedding dress with a difference

The bridal dress in apricot color is considered extravagant and unusual – according to tradition, the bride must be completely in white. Apricot color looks very delicate and feminine, even romantic, so it’s definitely worth thinking about this possibility. This gentle blend of pink and orange will only emphasize your beauty on the big day! Apricot color also has different nuances – lighter and darker, and you can choose among them depending on your skin color and the concept for the wedding. This color also blends perfectly with white, so you can opt for white accessories, or add apricot accents to a classic white bridal gown – these are truly effective. The possibilities are very much – have a look at the photos to see for yourself!

Wedding dress in apricot color – variety of different models

Apricot color also carries certain symbolism – it is associated with the spring and new beginning, so it is simply perkekt for your wedding! While white is usually pure, Nuance Apricot will only emphasize its tenderness and femininity. It is one of the safte Pastelfarben that are currently very trendy – also in the field of bridal wear. The model of the wedding dress plays an important role here – with a gorgeous dress in vintage style you will look like a real princess, while the simpler models without puristic decorations aussthahlen.
We wish you an unforgettable wedding!

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