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One of the best home decorating ideas we’ve selected for you is for a large barn door for your bedroom. It is a beautiful jewelry that adorns your bedroom properly, and a real eye-catcher. Imagine this picture: You are sitting in the big bed, wrapped in your cozy blanket and reading a romantic book. Small tealights give the otherwise cool bedroom cozy and warm atmosphere. With a view of the massive barn door you dive into the fairytale world of the book. Do not you have patience to dispose of such ornaments in your bedroom? Without further ado, we will provide you with the entire manual:

Nota Bene! This project is time consuming and requires good manual skills. It is also necessary that you can handle the cordless screwdriver well.

Necessary materials:

  • 1/2 “thick plywood board (measures depend on you)
  • small wooden boards for gluing (the colors and patterns to taste)
  • Wood panels with a metal border for border
  • tape measure
  • Hold the equipment for the sliding door
  • Door handles (with oblong and round shape)
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Glue for wood
  • pencil

Step 1:

Cut the plywood board according to the necessary dimensions. If you do not have wood cutting tools, you can have the boards sawed at the Bauhaus, such services are offered for a fee. The dimensions of the door in this manual are 11 “x 4”. When this is done, mark the center in the longitudinal direction with the measuring tape and the pencil and draw a line.

Step 2:

The hard part in this guide is to estimate how many glued wood panels you’ll need? Our advice is to talk to the after-sales service in the construction business. And do not forget to secure yourself with additional wood panels. So we have clarified the problem with the crowd. Now you should put the puzzle pieces together correctly. The pattern is easy to follow. Now begin to assemble the long pieces to low the shrinkage.

Step 3:

Tape the wooden boards together and draw the cut line with the pencil. Before you start cutting, measure again. An error here is a general problem. Do not forget that you mark the wooden boards, so it would be easier to put together the puzzle pieces.

Step 4:

Then glue the wooden boards on the plywood board. At each end close with the wooden plates with the metal edge. Similarly, stick the other side of the door. Let the glue dry overnight.

Step 5:

You need help for this step. Now you should hold the door to the wall. Our sliding door is twice bigger than a normal door. So without help, the task would not succeed. Drill the wall with the cordless screwdriver. First, mount the holders on the door, then on the wall.

Step 6:

If the door hangs successfully on the wall, you can mount the door handles. We chose two models – oblong and round. On the side facing the bedroom, fasten the elongated door handle and on the other side – the round handle.

Congratulations! Your big and modern barn door is ready! Take a look at our photo gallery to get other clever home-made wood-based ideas!

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