It does not matter if you are 18 years old, with thick healthy hair or from 50 with natural gray hair, you will see that certain something in your gray hair in the mirror! The shades of gray are the new blonde and are very trendy! How to dye your hair gray and what hairstyles to “Granny Hair” fit, you will learn in this post!

The last trend: shades of gray in the hair

Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne are just a part of the stars who have long since chosen the gray for their hair. Gray means fashion and has long been worn not only by celebrities. The trend is called “Granny Hair” or even “Granny Style”, especially when it comes to curls. Gray was announced just as the Ombré trend took over the world. Until then, the shades of gray have always been associated with aging. Maybe that’s why women are increasingly favoring gray hair – to show the world that age is not important.

Grays are the new blonde! Who do the gray hairs suit?

Some say that the gray hair color is the new blonde, others – that the new brunette is. Whether you are naturally gray, blonde or brunette, the gray must of course fit you. For the older women, who naturally turn gray, we recommend only staining strands in natural tone. So the gray looks even more natural! For the women with blond hair, the goal “Granny Hair” is even easier to achieve. And not only! The gray fits the blonde perfectly! You can also try different techniques, such as Ombré or Balayage. The gray hair color also has different nuances, ranging from white, purple, pink and blue to green. It is best to first think about the nuance in which you would like to dye your hair and what will suit you best. But a tip for the brunette – the gray does not go on most dark hair. The brighter the hair color, the better the result. This does not mean that the gray does not fit the brunette. But. But there are some coloring techniques that you should keep in mind.

Dyeing gray hair: That’s how it works!

Look at the picture above. The model is with natural blond hair and the result is fascinating! The perfect gray can only be achieved on uniformly bleached hair. We advise you to leave it in the hands of an experienced hairdresser, because even dyeing your hair gray can go pretty wrong. Only a professional can do it so that you end up in a shiny gray. And again for the ladies with dark hair: the darker your hair color, the more often must be bleached. For this you need the right hair care.

To give the gray a long-lasting magic and pleasure, care is of great importance. What helps are hair styling hairdressers or silver shampoos and irrigations that can be used at home. These can be found in every drugstore. The blue pigments contained therein counteract the yellow cast and give the hair a silvery shimmer. When you have done all this, the last stroke comes – the hairstyle! Scroll down to find out which hairstyles match the gray hair. In our picture gallery you will find many more ideas and unique looks with gray hair! Let yourself be inspired!

Hairstyles that match the gray hair:

Combine shades of gray with blue” hair>

Do you like blond hair? Then you still look glamorous with gray hair!

Stunning idea for the extravagant ladies

Gray hair goes perfectly with the short hair

Create ombré with shades of gray

Gray hair with pink strands

Gray curls need not be missing!

Gray Hair – “50 Schades of Gray”

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