goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer stilvoll

goldene Wandfarbe Essbereich

goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer Akzentfliesen prachtvoll

goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer stilvoll Bilder

goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer einladend Sitzecke

goldene Wandfarbe Kommode Vintage Look

goldene Wandfarbe Sitzecke Vintage

goldene Wandfarbe Spielzimmer

goldene Wandfarbe als Akzent im Interieur

goldene Wandfarbe WC Akzentfliesen prächtig

Gold is one of the warmest shades that make each room visually brighter and more spacious, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. For this reason, the golden wall paint is the perfect choice for small rooms that are facing north, for example, and only exposed to sunlight for a few hours. Wall Paint Gold is a classic, but also because it gives a feeling of luxury, even if the decor is not particularly gorgeous – just look at our photos to see for yourself. This makes the golden color just perfect for the rooms where you invite guests, such as the living room.

Combine golden wall color with other shades – tips

goldene Wandfarbe luxuriöses Schlafzimmer
goldene Wandfarbe Schlafzimmer im Landhausstil # goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer mit Kamin
goldene Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer minimalistisch Akzentfliesen
goldene Wandfarbe stilvolle Tapete
goldene Wandfarbe Bad
goldene Wandfarbe Akzente setzen Schlafzimmer
goldene Wandfarbe Schlafzimmer gemütlich Landhausstil
goldene Wandfarbe Bad modern Fliesen
With wall paint gold, original accents can be set in the interior. You can, for example, just paint one or two walls in gold, so that you get a real eye-catcher in the room, or only for small ornaments and decorations such as pillows, picture and mirror frames, handles, etc., which will ensure a harmonious overall picture. Wall paint gold can be perfectly combined with other warm colors such as sun and mustard yellow, orange, ocher, bright red and dark red. We recommend that you try the combination of gold and bordeaux, which looks particularly stylish and exciting. The neutral tones such as beige, teracota and chocolate brown bring the trend color gold to advantage, while dark blue and violet contrast with it interesting. There are also different golden nuances and wall coverings (wallpaper, structure plaster, plastic and glass panels), with which you can visually enhance the interior of your home – just let your imagination run wild!

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