Valentine’s Day is coming soon and you absolutely want to give your loved one a beautiful rose, but you do not like the gift clichés par excellence. Whether as a gift for Valentine’s Day or without a reason, the rose is the most romantic surprise. With a flower gift you will conjure a radiant smile on the face of your sweetheart! Just imagine that you can cultivate that moment and make it last forever. Does that sound like a dream? Inspired by “The Most Beautiful and the Beast” we have a creative idea for you – tinker an enchanted rose! Look how it works!

Inspired by “The Most Beautiful and the Beast” – Give Rose for Valentine’s Day

Without a doubt, the rose is a symbol of love and is perfect as a gift not only for your sweetheart, but for every important woman in your life. The idea for enchanted rose can also be made very easily with an artificial flower. You just need a glass bell to bring a fairytale to life. If you prefer everything from the heart and hand, you can make a beautiful rose yourself. A detailed guide with metal can be found below. Rose crafts: not just a flower, but a handmade gift – from the heart and the hand

Rose crafts: not just a flower, but a handmade gift – from the heart and the hand

Required materials:

Templates of flowers of different types and sizes

Brass sheet 400 mm x 200 mm

copper pipe


Glass bell


Crafting Enchanted Rose: Instructions

Making a rose out of metal – a special gift that lasts for years – Here’s how it works:

Print out the templates and draw them on the brass sheet. Cut it carefully. The dot in the middle later becomes a hole that you drill to assemble the rose.

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Step 4


You can also use an artificial rose: video tutorial

The enchanted rose can be the perfect table decoration!

It is perfect as a wedding decoration

Be inspired by other examples

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