Finding the right gift for any occasion is by no means an easy task. This is also true for the gifts of baptism – especially if you are invited to a baptism for the first time. In this post you will find great ideas and suggestions for beautiful gifts for both sexes that you can choose. We hope that our ideas will help you and hope you enjoy reading!

Choosing Matching Gifts To Baptize: Helpful Hints

When choosing gifts for baptism, consider the gender and age of the baby – is it a baby, a kid, or a teenager? And maybe you also want to buy something for the parents or do it yourself? The type and size of the gift also depends on your role in the family – are you just a friend, or relative / relative of the baby? Aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, and of course the godparents should rather choose an original and impressive gift that will remain as a keepsake for many years to come. You can also opt for a great gift shared by several people. Actually, you could also talk to the parents to find out what is needed for the child right now. Or you can choose one of our gift” ideas> below.

Gifts for Baptism – Ideas for Babies

Gifts for baptism with a religious significance are often chosen by many, because they actually fit the occasion best. If you wish, you can also turn away from tradition. It is important that you also write a greeting card in addition to the present, in order to wish the baptized person and his parents all the best. When it comes to the baptism of a baby or toddler, the diaper cake is a good choice – it would delight both boys and girls. Very practical and beautiful gifts for babies are personalized tots with homemade school chain or a metal rattle on which the name of the child or the date of the baptism is engraved. Baby clothes, blankets and animals are also a good choice for the baptist. Other interesting ideas are:

  • a scarf or cuddly pillow with the name of the baby
  • a music box with a sleep sound
  • a photo album where parents can glue the photos of the baptism
  • Impeller made of wood
  • cute baby shoes
  • Book with fairy tales
  • special tin for the first milk tooth

Matching christening gifts for older children

If the child is a bit taller, choosing a gift will be a bit more difficult because it already has certain preferences and hobbies. For children in the Schulatrer and those who are now learning to read, a children’s Bible is a wonderful gift. There are also special books with 365 stories from the Bible – so the child could read one every day of the year. Another idea for gift with non-religious significance is a personalized money-saving money box. For example, a high-grade tin made of precious metal can be used for many years, and also fulfill a decorative function. A tin decorated with flowers or the characters of the Disney Prizessines is a good choice for young ladies, while boys prefer motifs such as cars, planes and bicycles. Other great gifts are:

  • cute childrens dishes or cutlery made for you
  • an angel figure as a lucky charm
  • Nursery lamp, decorated with beautiful motifs
  • a great reuz with congratulations on baptism as a wall decoration
  • a noble vintage hairbrush for girls

Jewelry as an original gift for teens

A wonderful gift for baptism, especially for girls, is jewelry. Pendant in the form of a cross, on which the date of the baptism is engraved, are very well suited for both neck and arm chains. Such a gift would remain the baptismal font as a beautiful memory for several years. Teenage girls would also look forward to earrings or rings, and boys – to a stylish wristwatch.

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