Recently you have had a tattoo done but are not satisfied with the result? Or you have as a tattoo the name or face of a former lover that you do not want to remember? Then the best solution is to get a cover up tattoo! In this post you will find everything about cover up tattoos and the reasons that speak for it, as well as some great design ideas from which you can draw inspiration. Enjoy reading!

Why bother getting a cover up tattoo?

If you have tattoos that you do not like, or have a bitter memory associated with them, you actually have two options – either go for a laser removal or get a great cover up tattoo. However, laser removal costs a lot of money, and if you have a creative idea for a new tattoo, you should opt for the cover-up technique. The most important thing is to choose an experienced tattoo artist, because cover up tattoos are individual and require a more creative process. Sometimes you can see the traces of the old tattoo, but that’s normal. The cover up tattoo ink is tattooed up to 1mm deep into the skin. This combines the new and old pigments to create a unique result.

Cover up tattoos – color design and modern design ideas

If you opt for a cover-up tattoo, you should know in advance that it has to be much larger and contain more vibrant colors than the old tattoo. In principle, the new tattoo should be at least three times bigger than the old one to cover it perfectly! And when it comes to color design, opt for dark, black and gray nuances or cool greens and blues. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange contain almost no dark pigments, so you can not cover an old tattoo. Look at the photos in this post – maybe you will give some interesting ideas!

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