Looking for ideas for impressive manicures for the cold season? We suggest you make fancy gel nails with glitter! Below you will find some modern and elegant design ideas from which you can draw inspiration. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Gel nails with glitter: effective and fresh nail design ideas for the cold season

Gelnägel mit Glitzer blau Sternchen elegant
Gelnägel mit Glitzer verschiedene Farben
Gelnägel mit Glitzer Violett und Blau
Gelnägel mit Glitzer schwarz golden stilvoll
Gelnägel mit Glitzer grob DIY Herbst Winter
Gelnägel mit Glitzer Regenbogenfarben
Gelnägel mit Glitzer spitz lang schwarz golden
Gelnägel mit Glitzer golden beige stilvoll
Gelnägel mit Glitzer dunkelblau Ombre Effekt
Gelnägel mit Glitzer kurz bunt Regenbogenfarben
Gelnägel mit Glitzer grob Violett
Glitter gel nails look really impressive and eye-catching, which makes them not always suitable for everyday life (eg for professional reasons), but for parties and festive occasions they are undoubtedly the best choice. If you want a special nail design for the cold season, Glitter is a wonderful variation – the best part is that it is available in so many different colors! The glitter particles could be both fine and slightly coarser – depending on the effect you desire. And when it comes to design, the possibilities are endless – they could make the entire surface of the nail glitter, or just put small accents on all or just one finger. The typical fall and winter manicures in dark and saturated colors can get a much more original look with glitter and the silver, golden, red and green glitter are a must for the festive nail design for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Making gel nails with glitter yourself: helpful tips

Gelnägel mit Glitzer grob Blau Party Look
Gelnägel mit Glitzer drei Farben geometrisch
Gelnägel mit Glitzer silbern dunkellila Herbst Winter
Gelnägel mit Glitzer dezent French
Gelnägel mit Glitzer French Spitzen Marmor Effekt
Gelnägel mit Glitzer blau Party Look
Gelnägel mit Glitzer schwarz Spitzen
Gelnägel mit Glitzer Blau Blumenmuster
Gelnägel mit Glitzer French bunte Spitzen
Gel nails are also particularly durable and simply ideal if you have naturally fragile fingernails. To make gel nails with glitter, you have two options: either to mix the glitter directly with the gel to build or seal – so you can make the entire nail bed with glitter effect, or paint the surface in any color and after drying a pattern with Apply glitter paint on top. To sprinkle the nails with glitter, or to dip any finger into it, goes too. For a professional result go to the nail salon, if you want to make the gel nails yourself, follow our

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